Sunday, November 1, 2015

The post where I prefer a drugstore product to a high end one

bi-phase make up remover review

It had to happen right?  The self confessed make up snob had to be blown away by a cheap as chips product.

On the left we have Lancome Bi Facil-retailing at £21.50 for 125ml.  My holy grail eye make up remover that makes me wince every time I hand over my cash for it.

On the right we have Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Make Up remover.  A product I had never seen before in this packaging but my mum brought over from the UK for me after I asked her to go and buy me some eye make up remover with the specific request that it must be 'two tone'.  Am not sure Mazza would have know what 'bi-phase' meant given she hasn't worn mascara since about 1989.

I am guessing this is a revamped/updated version of this product from Garnier which I have literally raved about for the 3 years I have been blogging as the best drugstore eye make up remover.

125ml costs £2.33.  I repeat £2.33.

And they're essentially the same.  OK so lets me honest I assume the Lancome has more skin soothing/better ingredients than the Garnier for the price but they feel the same on the eyes and they both remove the most stubborn mascara.  I love my mascara and usually have at least 3-4 layers on (I like it to last ok) and bi-phase removers are the only ones that get it all off-Bioderma just doesn't cut it.  In a blind test I could not tell which was Lancome and which was Garnier which means why fork out on an expensive eye make up remover when I can use the Garnier one for a fraction of the price?

I haven't seen this in Dubai so I am preparing myself to stockpile this when I come home to the UK at Xmas-maybe I should put a call into my local Boots to warn them?

PS OMG it's November.  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN????


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