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Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Cream Foundation-the most expensive make up mistake I have ever made

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Cream Foundation review

For any of you reading who have balked at the thought of spending £60 on a Christian Louboutin lipstick or a similar amount on a Tom Ford eyeshadow quad please, for your health and my conscience read the following with care.

This is without doubt the most expensive make up item I have ever bought.  £140 for a foundation.

You read right.  I put it in bold for extra emphasis.

Before you think I am clinically insane there is a little back story to how I got suckered into buying this foundation.  I bought this about this time last year after my cancer surgery.  Recovery took a long time, I couldn't drive for 9 weeks and this was my first foray into the big wide world on my own-a drive to the mall 10km away.

I was admittedly still quite fragile but I found myself in the beauty hall in Harvey Nichols seeking comfort and for some unknown reason I ended up at the Guerlain counter.  An hour later, a very friendly (and knowledgeable for Dubai standards) sales assistant had talked me into several Guerlain products including this foundation.

I didn't even ask how much it cost-a terrible habit I have.  And at the cash counter I was then too embarrassed to even feign shock at the cost and feebly handed over my debit card.

During my time at the counter, the SA did put this on my skin and it looked really nice.  She explained it was a skincare/foundation hybrid and it's from Guerlains 'top of the line' range-Orchidée Impériale.  This is foundation with extras.  It contains the brightening and radiance powers of the Orchidée Impériale combined with pigment to create an all in one anti-aging foundation.

With regards to the actual foundation itself I have no issues whatsoever-it's a nice product.  But nice doesn't cut it for a £140 foundation when I can spend £30 in MAC or Estee Lauder and get something that I love.

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Cream Foundation review

Let me tell you a bit about the foundation.  It comes housed in a heavy glass jar-it's certainly not travel friendly but it does look amazing on your dressing table.  The foundation is a velvety, thick cream and is available in 5 shades.  I am 11 Rose Pale which looks a little dark in the pot but is a perfect match for my skin.  This is one of these foundations that seems to adjust to your skintone as you blend.

When it comes to application my preferred method is using a dense brush like a Real Techniques Expert Face brush.  The foundation has the texture of applying a luxurious face cream to your skin and it buffs in brilliantly leaving behind no brush strokes or tide marks.  My skin tone definitely looks smooth and evened out, almost slightly porcelain.  It doesn't settle into pores and it sits well over the primers I have tried.  The finish is satin and dewy but in no way greasy looking.  I would actually say 'healthy'.  My skin even feels really soft and hydrated.

So far so good?  The issue I have is the lasting power of the foundation.  However much I apply or however much I layer primer, foundation and then powder, by lunchtime my face feels naked.  The natural oils in my skin just seem to eat through this foundation making me look barefaced.  All the magical skin smoothing effects have gone and my skin just looks like, well, my skin.

I've also studied the ingredients list and whilst I would never claim to be a skincare expert there is a helluva lot of silicones in there and (gasp) mineral oil-something I consciously avoid-it's a cheap and nasty filler.  Having said that this foundation has not made me break out or caused any skin irritation.

I can't help feeling though that someone with drier, maybe even more mature skin would fall in love with this but I just can't agree with the price point.  I've decided to blog sale it as I have barely used any but I know that the only person likely to buy it would be a die hard fan of Guerlain and the Orchidée Impériale range-everyone else I am sure will be wondering why I am asking so much for a foundation in a blog sale.  And I am not sure how many Guerlain Orchidée Impériale die hard fans read my blog.  But if you know any that want to save a few quid on this luxurious foundation please point them in my direction!

Overall this was a spur of the moment regret purchase and I should have known better.  I'd never spend that much now on any skincare or make up item without doing some serious research first.

Would you ever spend £140 on a foundation?

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