Friday, November 20, 2015

The non negotiables

It's easy to get sucked into blogging about the newest and the greatest beauty products but what about those products that you are never without?  The must haves.  The constant repurchases.  The non negotiables.

I've chosen 6 products that I can't live without to share today.

1) MAC Prep and Prime Blemish Control Gel

This is my third tube of this salicylic acid based spot gel from MAC.  It's the fastest and most effective treatment for getting rid of pesky spots.  It can be a little stingy for a few seconds when you first apply it but after that subsides, the salicylic gets to work on reducing spot size and calming the skin without drying it out.  I use it overnight so it sits on my dressing table in easy reach.

2) Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede

I own a lot of perfume yet I am still on my third bottle of Peony and Blush Suede.  This is the 'perfect for all seasons and every occasion' perfume-if I can't decide what to wear I reach for this.  Red apple, peony, jasmine, rose and suede make up this slightly sweet, fresh and floral perfume.  It's lasting power is really good too.  I'll need my fourth bottle soon.

3) MAC Omega eyeshadow

I've been through at least 5 of these, I used to depot them but this time I just couldn't be bothered!  I started using this a few years ago after seeing Tanya Burr use it to fill in her eyebrows.  Now this is my HG eyebrow powder, combined with a MAC 208 angled brush.  I've tried so many other things but keep coming back to this as the perfect eyebrow filler.

More recently I have been using it in my crease as a transition shade as it is perfect for adding shadow and carving out the eye (metaphorically of course) and also as a contour shade under the cheekbones.  The grey tone to the shadow is actually a much more flattering contour shade than most bronze shades which tend to pull too red or orange.  I'll die if this every gets discontinued.

4) Eucerin Aquaphor

There are currently at least 3 of these dotted around the apartment-there is one by the bed, one in my everyday skincare tub and one in the kitchen.

Last year my lips were absolutely ruined after my operation.  I tried absolutely everything and I ended up with an army of lip soothers-from vaseline to Creme De La Mer.  Nothing worked-every time I thought they were getting better they would take a turn for the worse again.  This thick Eucerin balm is the one thing that solved the problem.  Not strictly a lip product, this is a multi-use salve for very dry or cracked skin.  I find myself going back and back to this as the only thing that always works.  And trust me, I have tried almost everything out there-Nuxe, Dr Lipp, Vaseline, Vitamin E, Eve Lom, 8 hr cream, Blistex-you name it, I've tried it.  But I always go back to this-it's like a comfort blanket.

5 + 6 MAC 217 and 239 brushes

If I could only have 2 brushes for my eyes it would be without doubt a MAC 217 and a MAC 239.  I've become a collector and have at least 5 of each-although not one of mine has ever shed or fallen apart.

The 239 is the perfect size and density for packing colour all over the lid.  The 217 is the best blending brush I own-it's the perfect size for getting into the crease.  They're both made of goat hair and wash brilliantly.  They work well with creams and powders and they're simply my all time favourite eye brushes.

What are your non negotiables?

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