Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Multipurpose sticks-Charlottle Tilbury v NARS

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Moon Beach, NARS The Multiple in Portofino

Today I am off on holiday.  Or an adventure as Mike keeps telling me.

We'll be flying into Chicago tomorrow to start driving from East to West-Route 66 but with a stop in Vegas for Mikes birthday along the way.  We're in the US for 3 weeks in total and I am really looking forward to it although getting to this point has been somewhat challenging.

Not to mention the packing!  I am pre-writing this post today (Friday) for when we go today and we haven't started packing yet.  I have NO idea how to pack for a 3 week trip where we're in a different place every night for the first 10 days.  The make up packing should be slightly easier I guess, am looking forward to digging out palettes and mini's but I still know I will overpack.  The plan is, one suitcase there each, two back!  And I wonder why Mike gets upset when people ask where we are going on holiday and I say Sephora!

Multi-purpose products can be so handy on trips and today I am comparing two I own-The cult Nars 'The Multiple' versus Charlotte Tilburys 'Beach Stick'.

Cutting to the chase-the good news is that both are really good so I've broken my thoughts down bite size pieces for easy digestion!

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Moon Beach, NARS The Multiple in Portofino


The Multiple is packaged in a matte black chunky stick form.  I have owned many of these over the years-it was the first ever thing I bought from NARS and over time the packaging can go a little bit tacky in feel and it attracts fingerprints.  The colour stick is a wide flat circle that twists up and down.  The Beach Stick is smaller and thinner in size and packaged in a rose gold coloured mirrored tube.  The product itself is domed when you take the lid off but also twists up and down.

Winner?  The Beach stick for the uber glam packaging and compact size

Ease of use

The Beach Stick can be slapped straight on your cheeks from the tube itself-in fact I recommend it!  It blends best with your fingers, a brush seems to pick up too much of the product.  It has a velvety feel to it and no tackiness.  The pigmentation is light to medium but easily buildable.

Because The Multiple is wider and flatter it can again swiped across the cheeks or you can apply with your fingers or brush.  The pigmentation is good and you only need a small amount.  Again, no stickiness and it blends seamlessly with fingers or brush.

Winner? The Multiple for the fact it can be used with fingers or brush and is more pigmented.


The Beach Stick has a glowy, dewy finish and does seem to have some small sparkly bits that transfer to the cheek.  After I powdered though, it was difficult to see the colour underneath.  Best for use without setting powder over the top.

The Multiple has more of a satin finish and looks and feels denser or more heavy duty than the Beach Stick.  The lasting power outweighed the Beach Stick.

Winner?  The Multiple, especially as I powder my skin yet the pigment is still visible


I guess this comes down a bit more to the shades I have bought but the Beach Stick in Moon Beach is really only suitable for the cheeks as it's little frosty in texture for the lips and also feels a little greasy.

The Beach Stick comes in 5 shades in total and three of them look like they would make good lip colours.

The Multiple in Portofino is really good on the lips though, the texture does have a slight more heaviness to it making it quite worthy of sitting on the lips-I actually like to pat the colour straight from the stick using my fingers onto the lips.  The Multiple comes in 13 shades in the original formula plus 7 shades in the matte version

Winner?  The Multiple for being truly multipurpose and for being a better formula for the lips.

On paper The Multiple wins for being more pigmented, longer lasting and more multi use.  But I do also really like the Charlotte Tilbury and it's compact size makes it great for travelling with.

I think I'll have to pack them both!


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