Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Mattifying Primer

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Mattifying Primer

If there was ever a product I was on the fence about it is this new primer from Make Up For Ever.

Now that Make Up For Ever is stocked in Debenhams in the UK I feel like I can talk more about the bits I have from there-and they do some really good stuff.  Up until a couple of weeks ago, it wasn't that accessible in the UK whereas it's easy to buy here in Dubai-Sephora stocks it and there is a standalone store in Dubai Mall.

The Step 1 primer range comes in 10 different formulas.  The first 5 are to improve texture-there is the mattifying primer to reduce shine, the smoothing primer to even the skin's texture, the hydrating primer restores add a boost of hydration to dry skin, the nourishing primer to moisturize and comfort and the redness correcting primer to neutralise red tones.  Then there are 5 primers to improve tone and add radiance in blue, pink, yellow, peach and caramel-each one designed for a different skintone.

By default I usually go for mattifying primers-my skin is on the oily side and I often need to blot away shine during the day so that's the one I bought from Sephora.

The Mattifying Primer is a gel like texture and when you apply it to the skin you instantly feel it welding to the skin and it does mattify.  It also dries instantly.  In fact every time I use it I think 'this stuff is hardcore, it's going to be amazing'.  A little goes a long way and you do need to use it quite sparingly.  It doesn't have that silicone 'velvet' feeling you get from something like Smashbox photofinish primer.

I am finding though that when I apply my foundation on top with a brush it doesn't sit so nicely on top of this primer.  If I use my fingers (which I am not a fan of because it's so messy) it seems to be fine.

The majority of my foundation still seems to be on my face at the end of the day but it's definitely not keeping me matte all day long.  I need to blot shine throughout the day.  I also find that as the weather is getting hotter here in Dubai, by the end of the day the foundation around the bottom of my nose tends to have gone a little patchy whenever I use this primer.

For the super oily, I would say steer clear.  For combination and normal skinned girls I can see why this would get a thumbs up for those wanting a matte finish.  For me, I need to go more hardcore.  I am going to persevere with it a little longer to see if I can make it work but at the moment, it's not a must have nor a repurchase for me.

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