Sunday, June 7, 2015

Chanel Tisse Gabrielle Les 4 ombres eyeshadow quad

Today's eyeshadow review was enabled by Sunny from Mostly Sunny whose blog is bookmarked on my favourites and who provides a constant source of high end make up enablement!

Last year, both Dior and Chanel reformulated their eyeshadow quads/quints-Dior for the worse I feel but Chanel for the better.  The new Chanel quads feel smoother and more pigmented than the old formula, which to me felt sometimes chalky and insipid.

I feel that I already own too many 'smoky eye' quads especially as a) I don't naturally gravitate towards greys on my eyes and b) I can't do a sexy smoky eye to save my life.

Tisse Gabrielle has four complimentary shades in the pan although on my skintone, the two grey shades don't show much differentiation which is the main downside for me in this quad.  That doesn't mean however that I don't like it overall.  The formula is lovely-it's smooth, easy to blend and offers no fallout.  Each shade has that beautiful complex microshimmer that appears in direct sunlight.

The purple shade is my favourite but this is one quad that I prefer to use without an eyeshadow primer which is almost unheard of for me.  Without a primer the purple tone almost has a wet look silvery tone to it that is really pretty.  With a primer the shade deepens dramatically and on me, it's too full on for daytime.  The pearly white makes a lovely inner corner highlight and the two darker tones compliment the purple well-but I wish there was more of a mid tone grey in the palette to get some shade differentiation in there.

My main issue is that I don't reach for it often enough!  The formula though gets a big tick in my book.

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