Friday, June 5, 2015

Dior Rouge Dior Brillant lip gloss-Miss, Swan and Hollywood

Dior Rouge Dior Brilliant-Miss, Swan and Hollywood review

Dior Rouge Dior Brilliant-Miss, Swan and Hollywood review

The Rouge Dior Brillant glosses are the latest addition to the Dior gloss range and to my gloss collection!  I have read many favourable reviews so far so I purchased three from Sephora here in Dubai and have found them to be fairly comparable to the NARS glosses I reviewed recently.  Which is a good thing!

The packaging is very elegant-the plastic tube shows the gloss colour inside and the navy lid and silver engraved trim is in keeping with the entire Rouge Dior family.  I love the Dior Rouge Dior lipsticks and have amassed a fair few now. 

The gloss itself feels very similar to the NARS lip gloss formula-it's completely non sticky, very glossy and light on the lips.  But where the NARS ones feel like water on the lips, the Dior ones feel definitely more balm like.  The formula contains three nourishing oils and also Vitamin E so is very hydrating.  Again, like the NARS shades, they are glossy rather than 'in your face' pigmented so these are brilliant for casual days.

The applicator is a little unusual, it's longer than the average with a 'well' to hold the gloss in and dispense 'the perfect dose'.  However I find myself needing to 'double dip' so to speak to get the right amount of gloss.  However the applicator is very precise and applies the product smoothly without pooling.

What I do like is that there is a corresponding lipstick to each shade in the Rouge Dior range so if you do want to amp up the pigmentation you can always go for the lipstick instead.

'Miss' And 'Dior' look almost identical in my lip swatches and I would say you definitely don't need both.  Miss does look slightly pinker in real life and is my favourite of the three.  I did try to retake the photos to see if I could pick up the pink in Miss but again they both looked the same.  Hollywood is a bolder, fuchsia pink with a great shine.

Sara has swatches of all twelve shades in the range on her blog and Isabelle is definitely encouraging me to pick up the four shades she has!

I am a big fan of the Rouge Dior range and the  Rouge Dior Brilliant is definitely a welcome addition to the family!


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