Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Nails

I am happy happy happy today because my parents arrive in Dubai tomorrow yey!!  I am so looking forward to spending time with them over the next 10 days.  It's going to be all about balance the next 10 days-working very hard and being very focused during the day and then playing very hard outside of work! 

Living in Dubai we have two seasons.  Hot or really hot.  But I force myself to live by UK seasons and I officially declare March to be Spring.

So I have packed away the vampy reds and purples for winter and made way for the lighter, brighter and quite frankly beautiful, smile inducing Spring shades.

Models Own Indian Ocean is my weekend polish du jour.  A beautiful duo-chrome shifting between sky blue and pink.  I really like the quality of Models Own polishes for the price.

Chanel Peridot is another duo chrome offering from Chanel.  Shifting between khaki and green, it offers a gentle transition from winter to spring.

Essie Cute As A Button was purchased after seeing the lovely Nuala from Dolled Up London wearing it.  It's an opaque juicy coral-I adore these type of shades.

Essie Eternal Optimist is a pared down neutral peach-the epitome of sophisticated nails.  I snagged myself a bottle after seeing my best friend Danielle sporting it on her nails.  On my nails it looks slightly lighter-the perfect shade for the office.

Illamasqua Scarce was bought on the hype surrounding them when they came out last year.  Mini egg effect for the nails!  I didn't think I would like it but I actually love it on my nails!  It has a neutral pink base with navy blue speckles in the polish.  I've noticed Models Own have just launched their own version of this (erm like identical) if you don't want the Illamasqua high end price.

Dior Spring Ball was part of a limited edition collection last year.  A beautiful orange toned coral with very fine silver glitter running through it.

Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens is a bit out of my comfort zone to be honest!! But Tiffany Blue is one of my favourite colours in the world and this is a close match!  It's currently on offer on the Nails Inc website for £5 as well.

Nails Inc Portobello is a matte neon orange.  Definitely the colour I will be wearing to match my dress for my birthday brunch next weekend.

Dior Pink Aristocrat is a lovely rosy pink shade.  It's subtle and actually reminds me very much of a shade my nan used to wear when I was little.  No wonder it's one of my favourites.

Models Own Pink Punch really does pack a neon punch.  It's super bright and looks amazing with a tan!

What's your favourite spring nail colour?



  1. I have so much love for Peridot! Still trying to prize myself away from black nails though haha xx

  2. Scarce is so nice-I like it so much more than I thought I would! xx

  3. Love bringing pastels out for spring! xx

  4. Its about 30 at the moment Liss-summer is coming!!! xx

  5. I see a lot of love for Mint Candy Apple! Greens are a bit out of my comfort zone tho xx

  6. Lol come on Sarah it's spring now!! xx

  7. I quite like Dior polishes-they last much longer than the Chanel ones xx

  8. Love Cute As A Button xx

  9. Indian Ocean is soo pretty! I love the mint and lilac shades for Spring :) xx

  10. Lovely picks, Stacey! Illamasqua Scarce is one of my all-time favourite nail polishes and I recently got Chanel Peridot and am loving it! Really wish we could get Model's Own polishes here in Canada!

  11. love the look of nails inc royal, so lovely! I can imagine how hot is in Dubai, I used to live in the coast and was almost 35°C everyday! I hope you have a great time with your parents <3

  12. *sniff* So sad I missed out on Dior Spring Ball but Essie Cute As A Button just might console me! :)

  13. The Dior Colour is so pretty! I've grown a bit more love for pink toned polishes lately!
    Holly / faceldn.com

  14. I love Cute As A Button. Such a lovely colour

    Bea x

    Bea's Beauty Blog

  15. The Illamasqua and chanel peridot are gorgeous!


  16. Oooh love your picks! My all time favorite spring nail polish has to be Essie Mint Candy Apple.
    A MakeupHabit


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