Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sleep Saviours

Some of you may know that as part of my normal job I travel to Egypt every three weeks. Whether it's not being in my own bed or not having my cat Ali nestled into me I always find sleeping in a hotel difficult.

Coupled with a bad bout of sinusitis I have relied heavily this week on the arsenal of products I pack to help me get a good nights sleep.  This is my fail safe kit.


In my house there is pretty much always a candle burning so it makes sense that I always pack a couple on trips.  For the evening I always choose heavier scented candles such as vanilla or lavender to relax me.  I am not sure where this one in the photo is from but it smells like crème brulee so I have been loving it.


I think one of the nicest ways to unwind is to take a bath and I don't do it often enough!  I always pack a little bottle of the Aromatherapy Associates Relax Deep Bath and Shower Oil (I got this as a GWP but keep topping up the little travel size bottle from my full size bottle from Cult Beauty)

Relax contains vetivert, camomile and sandalwood to encourage the body to relax.  It's quite heady but the oil is very light and I love to massage it into dry skin before jumping into the bath.  I really like Aromatherapy Associates oils and really enjoy using the Revive version in the morning when I am a bit groggy!  Again I massage it into my skin before stepping into the shower.

I also love these Roques ONeil Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts in the bath.  The idea behind these is that when you're in the bath they detox your body of all the electro-magnetic energy we absorb all day from using laptops, ipads and mobile phones.  They recommend not using any of these devices after using the salts to aid an even better nights sleep and when you finish the bath not to rub yourself dry to allow the salts to remain on the skin.

They smell amazing-they contain lemongrass and geranium and I just find the overall experience very soothing.  This small tub was a GWP from Cult Beauty but I will probably buy the full size version and just use this little tub as my travel companion!

Facial Oil

Once I am out of the bath I like to apply the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil to my skin.  Not only does my skin love it and practically drink it up but the smell of the oil is really calming and relaxing.  I did a full review of this oil here. 

Soothing treatments

Finally if these steps aren't making me drift off easily I turn to the Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm or the This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less rollerball.

The Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm was a must have purchase from Look Fantastic on my last shopping splurge and is a light non sticky gel that can be massaged into the temples, neck and earlobes.  It contains patchouli, lemon and eucalyptus.  This week because my sinuses have been so painful I have been massaging it into my hands as well as the smell of the eucalyptus has been soothing my sinuses.

I tend to use the This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less rollerball on flights because it is so handy.  This again contains eucalyptus but also lavender and frankincense so is a little more heady than the Elemis temple balm.  I also got this from Look Fantastic

Failing all this I could just smuggle Ali into my suitcase for each trip....

What are you favourite products for ensuring a sound nights sleep?


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  1. Hi Laura, I absolutely LOVE new sheets on the bed-hate changing them but the end result is awesome xxx


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