Wednesday, February 5, 2014

YSL Gloss Volupte in 206 Fuchsia Oran

Glosses can be a bit temperamental.  You get those that pucker and form weird rings around your mouth. You get those that seem to get everywhere and you get those that are so sticky, one gust of wind and you have hair full of gloss and streaks on your cheeks.  And then there are those that last no longer than two whole minutes.

I'm happy to say that the newly launched YSL Gloss Volupte that I picked up at Manchester airport on the way home to Dubai in December is none of the above.  206 Fuchsia Oran is a fairly sheer, beautifully juicy fuchsia with no shimmer and an extremely glossy finish.

The packaging is divine-packaged in a clear tube with a gold lid and the YSL silver 'band' around the middle you see on all the YSL Rouge Volupte range.  Snazzy.

The formula is light and comfortable on the lips.  The best thing about this gloss is the staying power and the even fade.  I was amazed that after 4 hours and a curry I had a very pleasant stain on my lips-no patchiness or dryness in sight.

The worst thing I think, seems to be the thing people are raving about--the lip shaped brush.  The brush is supposed to be uniquely curved to hug the lip and make application precise and easy,  Unfortunately I find it quite difficult to use and almost impossible to get an even layer of colour.

That being said, it hasn't put me off and I have my eye on two more from the range....



  1. Let me know if you pick one up gorgeous xxxx

  2. They're not available here yet Anne but I suspect it will be v soon xxx

  3. I NEED. Love the look of the wand too! xx

  4. Definitely going to check these out!
    Thanks for sharing Stacey! xx

  5. There are two more, more sheer ones I want but they're not in Dubai yet xx

  6. Ooo I like this! I might try one of these. I find the applicator a bit funky but hey, if the formula is good I can get past it. :)

  7. Ooof why do your lips always make every lip product look so blumin' good missy?!?!

    Holly Mixtures



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