Sunday, February 9, 2014

4 NARS reds for Valentines

I will admit, I am not a Valentines fan.  I would love a big romantic gesture (I think anyone who says they wouldn't is lying) but we're just not that kind of couple!  So this is the first and only Valentines post you'll see on my blog.  And if I am truthful, I originally intended this to be 'Four Nars Reds for the Holidays' but never had the chance to write the post!

I am however quite a big fan of Nars-I have been for many years.  The first thing I ever bought was a Multiple and the obsession grew.  I probably have over 30 individual Nars items in my collection.

I've recently had a bit of an obsession with Nars lip pencils.  They come in three formulas-satin, velvet gloss and velvet matte.

The Satin formula glides on very easily and leaves a glossy finish.  They can be quite 'slippery' so I recommend using a lip liner just to stop the colour from going outside your natural lip line.  The staying power is good and fade is even. 

The Velvet Gloss formula is very sheer and moisturising.  Too sheer for me and very glossy.  They only impart the slightest hint of colour.

The Velvet Matte is my favourite matte formula-ever.  It doesn't tug at the lips at all on application.  It is not drying at all and the lasting power is exceptional.  It's creamy and offers opaque coverage.  Both the pigmentation of the Satin and the Velvet Matte formula are incredible.

Because these are all pencils, precise application is very easy to achieve.  I really do recommend these Nars lip pencils-there is something for everyone.

Here are my four favourite reds.

Dragon Girl (Velvet Matte) is a vibrant cherry red with a blue undertone-instant teeth whitening!

Cruella (Velvet Matte) is a deep scarlet red again with a blue undertone.

Luxembourg (Satin finish) is an incredibly pigmented and glossy blue based fuchsia red. 

Hyde Park (Satin finish) is the most subtle of the reds.   Less pigmented than the other three and pulling a pinky berry tone on me with the same glossy finish.



  1. I really like the Tarte ones :)

  2. Lovely isn't it-definitely a winter lip! xx

  3. They can be a bit soft can't they? The Tarte twist up versions are also excellent xx

  4. They are-I was worried they would be really drying but they aren't at all! xxx

  5. Both would look amazing on you Vanessa!! xxx

  6. I think Hyde Park is US and Canada only so fill your boots!!! x

  7. The matte lip pencils come with my seal of approval :) xxx

  8. Aww and I bet you look amazing in a red lip!! xx

  9. I wasn't sure about Luxembourg at first but when I tried it for this post I loved it!! xx

  10. Luxembourg and Dragon Girl are my kind of reds, they all look beautiful in your swatches xx

  11. Will you be surprised that I like Hyde Park the most? I keep swatching these never able to make up my mind but I do believe I'll buy one soon. :)

  12. Love the look of Cruella, and I find the crayons really moisturising!

    Josie xoxo

    Fashion Mumblr

  13. I adore Luxembourg! I wore that so much in the summer it's such a fab shade. Next on my list is dragon girl - the matte pencils sound like they have such a spot on formula. Would love to see your whole NARS stash! xx

  14. Luxembourg is my favorite here! Unfortunately Dr. D isn't big on reds, so I suppose I'll have to do without a red lippie for Valentine's Day!

  15. Ooh they are all pretty especially Luxembourg x


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