Sunday, February 16, 2014

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil-The review

My latest love is the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil.

I have oily/combination skin which this oil is specifically designed for and at the start of January my face was literally a place of unhappiness.  I was desperate to find something to get rid of the breakouts round my chin.

I had read really positive reviews about this oil and had a bottle in my skincare stash and decided to see if it lived up to the rave reviews and would help my skin get out of its sorry state.

This oil contains extracts of Rosewood, Geranium and Lotus and smells absolutely incredible-very spa like.  Most Clarins products do!  The Clarins website says this oil will purify, hydrate, tone and balance the skin.

I have been applying 4 drops, dropped from the pipette onto my finger tips and then pressed into my skin before lightly massaging.  From very first use it was love.  The oil feels slightly heavier and more luxurious than the oil I had been using before this (Kiehls Midnight Concentrate) and I was a bit concerned it might overload my skin.  I know it can feel like a weird concept-put more oil on my already oily skin?  Initially my skin did look oily on application but after a couple of hours I looked in the mirror and my skin looked almost matte.  My skin had literally drunk it up. An oil that absorbs oil?   The next morning my skin was definitely less glowy (in a good way) than normal and since then I have been using it every other day as my final step in my skincare routine.

My skin has been clear and hydrated since I have been using this oil.  I have been using it for 6 weeks now and look how little I have used from the bottle.  I think this is going to be pretty much a permanent fixture in my skincare routine.

I purchased mine from Bloomingdales in Dubai Mall.  You get a massive 50ml for about £30 and I would highly recommend this for anyone suffering from congested and oily skin.



  1. I have the Blue Orchid as well Ant! Can't wait to try it xxx

  2. Me too!!! Let me know how you get on with it! xxx

  3. Oh that's such a shame. They have such lovely things too for skincare xx

  4. You might just need one bottle between you as it's HUGE and you just need a tiny bit. I also like that it's really hygienically sealed as well-I hate sticking my fingers in products! xx

  5. It's really lovely Sunny, let me know if you do end up getting it! xx

  6. I really like it Rachel. The Antipodes oil is on my birthday list! This oil is going to last an age though! xx

  7. Stacey I have the Blue Orchard and just adore it. Totes agree last frigging forever. I am addicted to the stuff use it the same as you every other night. Fab review as always xxx

  8. Rebecca Be BeautifulAugust 30, 2014 at 10:02 PM

    I've got a bottle of this waiting in my stash to be used, great to hear you got on so well with it. I'm absolutely loving all things Clarins at the moment. Xxx

  9. Oh now this looks nice! I'm glad you like it and I just might consider this one for spring & summer for both Cat and me. :)

  10. This sounds fab but Clarins products always break me out :( x

  11. i'm definitely adding this to my wishlist! i find the same thing happens when i use my antipodes divine face oil - my face actually looks LESS greasy and oily the next morning, which i love! i can't get antipodes in hong kong unless i pay a hefty shipping fee, so i might check out the clarins one after i run out :)

    rachel x

  12. Gah I WANT! I'm a big fan of face oils, and I'm always looking for new ones to try! You are not the first blogging pal who told me this clears their skin up. I'll definitely look into it!


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