Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January empties-the standouts

I have decided to slightly alter how I do my monthly empties posts because a) I always have quite a lot of empties each month and it's quite onerous to do the post each month and b) the post ends up being super long and probably boring!

So I have decided to photograph and label all of the empties as you can see above but then pick out the stand out products (good or bad) to elaborate on a little further.

From the empties you see above, these are the standouts of the month.

Nars Sheer Glow foundation

I don't believe this is THE holy grail foundation for me but I really enjoyed using this foundation.  There are a million reviews of it out there but I agree with most of them that this is a medium coverage foundation which can be built to a heavier coverage.  It's not particularly glowy despite the name but I do need to powder it to get the finish I like.  It applies easily fingers or a brush and doesn't dry too quickly on the skin.  I am NW15 in MAC and Mont Blanc is a good match for me in the NARS foundation.  I also like the fact there is no SPF included which means it photographs really well in the evening and you don't get that 'ghostly face' look.

I purchased mine from Liberty in store.

Dr Lipp Nipple Balm

This is the only balm that restored my lips after Christmas in the UK.  My lips were incredibly dry and sore but this thick and nourishing balm was a miracle worker.  You can however use this balm on cuticles, abrasions and eczema and is suitable for sensitive skin.  And of course nursing mums and runners can also benefit from this balm on the delicate nipple area.

If you are intolerant to lanolin you will need to avoid this balm as that is the core ingredient.

I will definitely picking up more of this in the UK, I purchased mine from Space NK in London.

Guerlain Les Voilettes pressed powder

This pressed powder is incredible-possibly the best I have ever used.  It gives a long lasting velvety matte finish to the skin and blurs out imperfections.

The only problem is that there is not a lot of product in the pan and I used mine up in less than 1 month.

I believe this is being launched in a loose powder version which I cannot wait to get my hands on and to be honest I really want another one of these compacts for my handbag.  The packaging is also beautiful as well, although for a luxury product the compact doesn't feel heavy and luxurious (especially if you compare it to the Meteorites compacts also from Guerlain).

I purchased mine from Nordstrom online.

Jo Malone Ginger Biscuit cologne

This is a real stand out fragrance from Jo Malone for me, I absolutely adore it and I am so glad I have a back up!  But sadly it is limited edition and no longer available.

I purchased mine from the Jo Malone store in Dubai and am a frequent customer in the store!!

Tarte Glamazon pure performance 12 hour lipstick

This is a really lovely lipstick formula.  it feels creamy and thick on the lips and although it doesn't last the stated 12 hours, it does last longer than your average lipstick.  I thought it may be quite drying but surprisingly it isn't.  It has a semi matte finish with a slight sheen.  I had the colour 'inspired' which is a neutral pink perfect for the office.

I purchased mine from Sephora when I was in New York.

Those are the 5 standout empties from January-all for the right reasons this month!

If you do want any further information about the products in the top photo that didn't make it into the 'standout' category please just leave me a comment below!



  1. Will try and find a balance between the two! xx

  2. I know!! Need to get through a few more lol! xx

  3. Got about 4 weeks out of it-I would rebuy it tho! xx

  4. So glad you're enjoying it!!! xx

  5. I think I got about 4 weeks out of it! I do want to buy another one though and the loose powder xx

  6. It was amazing wasn't it Charlotte!! xx

  7. Hello lovely, I really like the Ren cleaning balm, it's quite thick. The only reason I didn't talk about it in depth is that they have recently changed the formula and this is the 'old' formula. I have picked up the new one though so will let you know how I get on xxx

  8. I cant believe you managed to finish an entire lipstick since you have so many :) Well done!


  9. OMG I just can't believe how fast you used Les Voilettes! I dream about getting my hands on the Météorites compact... one day! :)

  10. ah the Jo Malone Cologne sounds amazing!! I am hooked on Tarte glamazon's since receiving Bold from your blog sale ;) xx

  11. I LOVE reading long posts! Please continue with them xx

  12. Oh wow, you already finished a Les Voilettes compact? That's fast! I find that because it's pretty good at keeping the shine under control, I don't even have to touch up more than once or twice a day. I have seen the loose powder version too, but I want something for my hand bag as well so I went for the compact :)

  13. Lovely post. I hear so many good things about Dr Lipp, and am keeping my fingers crossed that those Tarte lipsticks come to QVC when Tarte launches next month. Like the new format, I changed mine too slightly as I found it was getting super long! What do you think about the REN cleansing balm? xxx


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