Sunday, September 22, 2013

5 Mac Nudes

I have a new obsession.  Finding the perfect nude lip.  When I think of the perfect nude lip, 2 famous women immediately spring to mind.  Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson, both well known for their perfect pouty nude lips on the red carpet.

Believe it or not, until a couple of weeks ago I owned no nude lipsticks.  I didn't see the point to be honest, always wanting to look like I was actually wearing lipstick.  I have also always thought 'proper' nude lipstick was very hard to wear and could have the tendency to wash you out, I'm pale already (NC15) so looking even more deathly just isn't an option.  

But nude is in and I really wanted to investigate if I could pull it off.  First stop-Mac in Dubai Mall to swatch and get some advice.  I told the Mac assistant I wanted more tan than pink in my nude and I didn't want 'my lips but better'-I just don't see the point, I might as well put on a slick of Vaseline if I want that. 

I ended up with five.  I always try not to do things by halves.

Kinda Sexy was my first pick and possibly my favourite.  The formula is matte but actually it has a pleasant sheen to it and doesn't look flat.  The shade was opaque but very comfortable to wear and not drying at all.  The colour was just right-not too pale and perfect for day or night.

Shy girl pulls a little more orange on me but is still very wearable and comfortable.  It's not as pigmented as Kinda Sexy so takes a bit of working to build it up to a decent colour payoff.  

To The Future is a Pro LongWear lipstick and true to the name lasted by far the longest.  I loved the shade even though I feel this one has the most potential to wash me out.  The formula feels quite sticky on the lips and the sticky feeling lasts.  It's creamy to apply but has a matte opaque finish.

I once bought Mac Syrup but it was so close to my own lip colour it was like wearing a clear lip balm.  If Syrup was 'my lips but better' then Modesty is 'my lips perfected'.  It's slightly slightly darker than my natural lip but this lipstick applies smoothly and leaves a plumped, glossy, natural finish.  The pinker tone to it will make it suitable for lots of skintones.  It's an 'I've made an effort' lipstick on no make up days. If only I could wake up with lips like this everyday.

Cherish is the brownest of the bunch and has the most tan in it.  I really like the satin formula which applies like a dream and sets semi matte.  I think it just has the perfect amount and tone of beige in it to not wash me out.

I'm not disappointed with any of my purchases and am looking forward to wearing them all.  I see nude lips as more of an evening look with smoky eyes rather than a daytime look but I guess that's because I love my lipstick so much and really do vary what I wear.

I've since gone on a bit of a nude lip product buying rampage and there'll be more reviews to come!

What's your favourite nude lip?



  1. I just love my MAC KINDA SEXY ;)

  2. Oh I love a good nude lip! To the future looks nice think I will have to invest in that the next time I get to a pro store! xx

  3. They all look amazing xx

  4. Great post!
    I have Mac To The Future and I love it. It is my perfect nude lip.

    Jodie x

  5. Oh gosh Stacey!!! Except for the last one, Cherish which could turn orangy on me, I want them ALL! Great selection!

  6. Loving Kinda Sexy and Shy Girl, they look great, but then they all do! xxx

  7. Welcome to my world. I have shy girl but don't feel that's nude to me. It's a more coral orange lip. I had modesty and have my away. I always want a sort of peach pink brown nude- hello- where are you? Still need to see that Burberry one in real life! Xxxx

  8. Gave mine away- not have my!!! Whoops x

  9. I love how Kinda Sexy looks! I don't really like nude lip colors, but that's probably because I havent' found the one for me yet.

  10. I think Shy Girl & Cherish look the most like nude on you, very nice though :)


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