Sunday, September 8, 2013

A hugely disappointing high end lipstick

Greetings from very beautiful Cornwall!  We have been lucky with the weather so far but tonight it's raining so we are curled up with local bread, local cheese, local butter and local wine!!

It makes me super sad to write this review but I could just not let this slide unfortunately.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in Corail Urbain is part of the YSL Fall 2013 collection but will be part of the permanent collection.

First impressions?  Stunning packaging and an amazing coral peach, almost neon shade.  Love the YSL embossed on the bullet and the classic gold packaging with the YSL embossed in red.

The reality?  The colour is indeed stunning-it looks like an almost neon orange in the daylight and a bold coral peach indoors-but the formula and wear is horrendous.  Firstly, even when applied to my lips which were in good condition, the colour clings to every tiny dry patch, settling and gathering in the lips rather than sitting on top of them in an opaque coat.  From a distance it looks like a great bold lip but close up it makes my lips look so dry even though it doesn't actually feel dry on the lips.  And then it starts to actually flake on the lips which is highly unattractive.  As it wears off it leaves a ring round the lips and does not wear evenly.

You can even see on the picture above if you look closely, the 'gathering' on my bottom lip as soon as I applied it.  

The other sad thing is that it has been in my make up bag for a few days and the gold case is already covered in scratches which is such a shame.

For a £25 lipstick I am really disappointed and can't see me wearing this again.  Sad times.  I would love to find this colour in another formula because the colour is amazing.

I really like other YSL lip products-I have a couple of Rouge Volupte and YSL Glossy Stains and love them but the Rouge Pur Couture is a formula I am unlikely to try again.

Have you tried the Rouge Pur Couture?  Have I got a dud or have you found the same?


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