Sunday, September 15, 2013

25 random facts about me!!

With being away for the past week or so I am completely behind with blogging and have no scheduled posts!  BUT I bought SO much in the UK there are TONS of posts coming as soon as real life stops getting in the way! I bought 27 lipsticks for gods sake! 

In the meantime I thought we could play 'get to know me a little better' and here are 25 random facts about me!

1-I call everyone 'doll'.  Including my boss (male) and my 22 year old assistant (also male).

2-I never thought I was a cat person until my friend split up with her boyfriend and came to live with us short term, with her cat.  Now I have 3 and they are my babies, I love them to bits.  They're all rescue cats-Ches and Fizzy are brother and sister who were thrown (with their mother and 2 other siblings) from a car in a bag onto the main highway in Dubai.  Luckily our friend saw it happening and stopped on the (6 lane) highway to rescue them.  He still has Paula the mum and he re-homed the other 2 kittens and we adopted Ches and Fizzy.  Ali was rescued by me from a supermarket car park when he was tiny and hours from death from dehydration.  Definitely the boss in our house.

3-I sing-all the time!!  My iPod is probably the most diverse you'll ever find and showcases some of S Club 7, Billy Ocean and NKOTB's finest work.

4-The only person I am ever truly myself around is my best friend Danielle.  I am always worried about what people think and am a very open person but Dani brings out the silly side of me I don't see very often.

5-I am Little Miss Stresshead!  I worry about stuff all the time, even make things up that haven't and probably won't ever happen.  This holiday has made me realise what a stresshead I am and how I need to learn to relax.

6-I can't stand cold tomatoes.  Or lettuce.

7-I can cure hiccups.  I have 100% success rate.

8-I am obsessed with my initials and love anything monogrammed.  My boss hates my initials as they are the same as some horrific ex girlfriend he had and he literally shudders every time he sees them written down.  God knows what she did to him!

9-Everything I know about news I learn from the Daily Mail online.  Am sure it's an expat thing because every Brit I know living in Dubai reads it religiously!!

10-I am scared of drowning in the sea and would chose the pool over the beach every time.

11-M and S fresh milk chocolate chip cookies are the best in the world!

12-I didn't eat prawns until I was 29.  I didn't eat cauliflower cheese until I was 31.

13-I drink 8 half litre bottles of water whilst I am in the office every day.  I line the bottles up on the side of my desk between me and my assistant and call it 'my line of defence' against him

14-I am probably solely responsible for keeping Robinsons in business with the amount of their sugar free cordial I drink.

15-Every time I go to one particular supermarket in Dubai they know I have come to buy cat food.  In fact the shop boy will track me down in the store to ask if I need a box of cat food.  Suspect they call me the crazy cat lady in Hindi.  Once confused them by going in and buying only milk.

16-I love bright cocktails that taste like pop.  Throw in a paper umbrella and a glacé cherry and I am happy as Larry.

17-I always wonder who is Larry and why was he so happy?

18-I have the widest knowledge in Dubai of which supermarkets stock 'British' chocolate.  By that I mean the cadburys etc that is actually produced in the UK rather than in Egypt or even worse Australia (trust me Australian cadburys is rank).  Looking for a Wispa in Dubai?  I'm your girl.

19-I love twitter.  Hate facebook.  Only keep my facebook account so my parents know I am still alive between Skype calls.  

20-I eat Nutella from the jar.  I do use a spoon though!

21-I have taken 24 flights so far in 2013 #FrequentFlyer

22-White toast with salted butter is probably my favourite comfort food.

23-I love the States and really really want to go to Disneyland.

24-I am TERRIBLE at cooking.  Good job Mike can cook really well.  I have 3 signature dishes, chicken fajitas, tuna pasta bake and baked bean cottage pie.  The list of things I can't cook far outweighs what I can cook!

25-When my parents were deciding what to call me their shortlist was Catherine or Eleanor for a girl. Not sure why Catherine got dumped but they decided that as my surname is Fell and Eleanor might be shortened to Ellie that Ellie Fell might not be a good combo.  No idea how they settled on Stacey. But, quelle horreur, if I was a boy they were going to call me Trevor.  Trevor FFS!!!!

A bit of a different post for me and I will be back to beauty soon!


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