Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dior Birds of Paradise Summer 2013-my picks

I love peacocks.  Not in a crazy 'feed the birds' old lady way but there is something about those beautiful green and blue feathers that is truly mesmerising.

The Dior Birds of Paradise summer collection is inspired by this exotic bird and the beauty of nature.

The collection is beautiful-colourful, strong and summer-y.

Here's what I picked up from London last weekend;

Birds of Paradise collection from Dior

Duo polish set in Samba

The first thing I picked up with the Dior Vernis duo set in Samba-a mint green and iridescent blue for tips and toes.  This is the item I am most unsure of to be honest because I'm quite a traditional pinks, reds and corals girl on my nails but I have been more adventurous recently and these will be the perfect polishes for summer.  I couldn't wear these colours in the office but for a splash of colour at the weekend they'll fit the bill nicely-and they look gorgeous on the model in the promo pictures.

Dior 5 couleurs eyeshadow palette in Blue Lagoon packaging

Dior 5 couleurs eyeshadow palette in Blue Lagoon

I have green eyes and blonde hair so I actually really like an accent of green on my eyes for evening and when I have a tan.  Admittedly I wouldn't use all these colours together for a statement eye but I would pick and choose individual colours to compliment my more neutral eye make-up.  There is a second palette in the collection called Peacock but some of the colours are more yellow toned in that palette so I preferred this one of the two.

Dior 1 couleur mono eyeshadow in Feather

This beautiful mono eyeshadow is a really beautiful shade of green I couldn't pass up despite buying the 5 eyeshadow palette.  This is a blue/teal with a silvery shimmer.  It can be used wet or dry and is easily buildable to go from a sheer wash to block colour.  And I love the embossed Dior logo set into the eyeshadow.

1 couleur eye gloss in Zenith (left) and Golden Sand (right)

This is the one product in the collection I was pretty sure I wasn't interested in!  Eye + gloss to me is just not a combination that goes together.  Eye glosses I have tried before have been greasy and creasy!!

I saw Sam from Pixiwoo mention these in a vlog and so when I saw them I thought I may as well swatch them.  Wow!  They are a cream shadow that gives a wash of colour that is so shimmery when it catches the light but sets to a matte and creaseproof finish.  Maybe not a gloss as in a 'wet look' texture but the 'gloss' comes from the beautiful iridescent finish.  I can see these being a summer holiday staple and them also being a great base for eyeshadow-if you can bear to cover them up!

Swatches-Golden Sand, Zenith and Feather

Swatches-Golden Sand, Zenith and Feather

Finally, and not part of this collection I was seduced by this foundation brush.  I love it because the bristles are short and dense and I think it will be great for applying foundation.  I can't wait to try it!

Dior heavy coverage foundation brush

Dior heavy coverage foundation brush

Has anything caught your eye in this collection?  Looking online at swatches I am kind of surprised I didn't purchase the Nude tan/blush compact....maybe another day!


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