Friday, May 24, 2013

De-stress Thursday.....

It's fair to say it has been a stressful week and by the time I got home at 8.30pm last night all I wanted to do was shut myself away from the outside world, have a nice bath, a vat of wine and a good nights sleep!

Here's what I used to try and achieve a chilled out state of mind and to pamper myself.

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress oil, Diptyque Mimosa candle, Himalayan Detox Salts, Lush Magic Wand bubble bar

To be honest, I rarely have a bath.  But last night was just one of those nights that only a bath would do!  I also thought it would be a great opportunity to use up some of the things that I have lying around in the bathroom!

Diptyque Mimosa mini candle, Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts

The first thing I did was light this mini Dipthyque candle which I got with the recent Space NK gift with purchase.   I had to put it right in the corner of the bath as Ali (my littlest cat) had decided I didn't need peace and quiet, I infact needed to watch a ginger cat walking precariously along the side of the bath, stopping to frequently sniff my head.

I was recently watching a Fleur De Force vlog where she talked about the Himalayan bath salts and she was saying that she was struggling to sleep and how after using these she had the best nights sleep in ages.  I have also been struggling in the sleep department and would welcome any miracle cure-I remembered I had been sent a sample of these salts with a Cult Beauty order a few months ago.  Cult Beauty describe these as a 'natural version of Valium and a blissful cocktail of therapeutic Himalayan mineral salts, powdered Amethyst & essential oils of Lemongrass, Juniper & Geranium; these pink crystals work to balance pH levels & positive/negative ions, to help the body establish equilibrium. The Amethyst has a high mineral content, to heal & clarify problematic skin whilst counteracting the electro-magnetic energy we absorb from modern day gizmos. Add to this blood purifying & anti-inflammatory properties & discover that heaven is a bath soak.'

The idea is to relax in the salted bath and then almost 'drip dry' so the salts remain infused.  You should also then relax for 30 mins and not use electrical equipment like a laptop or phone for the best effect.  I literally fell asleep on top of the bed as soon as I got out of the bath so they definitely relaxed me.  I didn't get a full nights sleep but did get a significantly better nights sleep.

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress bath and shower oil

Before stepping into the bath I massaged a cap full of this oil into my chest, stomach and arms.  Heady with lavender, rosemary and ginger this oil soothes away tension and stress.  You can add this directly to the bath but I preferred to apply it straight onto my skin for an added moi
sture boost.

Lush Magic Wand bubble bar

Finally I added a small piece of this Lush bubble bar to give the bath some bubbles.  I don't think this is available now from Lush as it isn't on the website and is fragranced with their 'Snow Fairy' fragrance which is a winter/Xmas special.

As I was having a bath I thought I may as well throw on a face mask!  My skin has been really good recently (touch wood) and I have been spending more time and effort on sourcing the right products for it.

Darphin Cleansing Balm with Rosewood

I cleansed my face using the Darphin cleansing balm.  I am literally on the last dregs of this balm now so I may as well do a mini review of it.

This is a balm that needs to be applied to wet skin and needs to be slightly warmed in your fingertips before applying.  If you don't the balm 'sticks' to your skin like honey and is difficult to massage in and remove.  Once on wet skin it becomes a milky emulsion which washes off fairly easily.  It's lightly scented and is effective at removing make up and my skin has been clear all the time I have been using it.  It contains marula oil, ylang ylang and sage.

However, this balm only comes in a 40ml size and is £30.  It has only lasted me 3 weeks and so would be an expensive habit to maintain-and that is only using it once a day in the evening.  If I felt my skin looked amazing maybe I would consider re-purchasing but I don't feel it does.

Alpha H Liquid Gold, Ren Invisible Pores Detox mask

I then threw on the Ren Invisible Pores Detox mask, I use this as more of a prevention than cure at the moment.   This is a detoxifying clay based mask designed to draw out impurities and reduce pore size.  I'm a big fan of Ren and have heard positive things about the ability of this mask to sort out blemished skin.

After removing the mask I just swept a soaked cotton pad of Alpha H Liquid Gold over my skin.  I still credit this product for transforming my skin earlier in the year and will be a lifelong fan!  If you want to see the results I had using this product click here

I'm feeling better this morning following my pamper night.  I think sometimes it's all too easy to let every day stresses and strains get to us and I think it's very important to take a little time out.  One thing I am sure of though it that it's super important to look after oneself-because sometimes that's all we have.

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