Friday, April 26, 2013

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation-the reverse opinion

Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation

This is one of THE most highly rated foundations in the bloggersphere-and when I first purchased and used it I really liked it-I even featured it in my March favourites.

I do not know what has happened this week but I am not now getting on with this foundation AT ALL.

I did experience a problem when I first tried it.  For years I have been using a primer under my foundation.  When I purchased the Laura Mercier foundation I also bought the recommended (by the Laura Mercier consultant) primer-for me that was the Radiance Primer.  When I first used the primer followed by the foundation, almost immediately the foundation split around my nose.  How strange I thought.  I tried applying it with a foundation brush and then just with my fingers-same result.  So the next day I tried it with the Mac Prep and Prime primer first and the same thing happened.  The day after that I tried it with the Illamasqua Satin primer underneath-another unsuccessful result.

So I ditched the primer altogether and just applied the foundation with my fingers-and this seemed to be ok and I started enjoying using the foundation.

Then when I was in New York I was given a sample of the Laura Mercier normal foundation primer and earlier this week I tried it under the foundation.  And it seemed fine-no splitting occured.  Could I have finally cracked it?  But then half way through the day when I went to touch up my make up I realised the foundation had settled, rather unattractively into the tiny pores above my eyebrows and around my nose.  I've never seen this happen with a foundation before.

So again I ditched the primer and for the rest of the week have been applying it as I had been-foundation only, applied initially with my fingertips then buffed out with a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.  But my skin it just rejecting it.  The foundation is settling into tiny pores and looking 'dotty' and when I touch up during the day using my Mac Blot Powder (which I have used for YEARS without a problem) the powder is sitting on my skin and going patchy and dry.  In short, by the end of the working day I can't wait to get home and remove my make-up.

It's time to accept that this isn't working for me anymore and I need to shop my stash and try something new-luckily I have plenty to chose from!!

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  1. I wanted to try a sample of this and wondered if you had tried it- silly question! Oh man I wanted it to be a fab one xxx


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