Friday, April 19, 2013

Battling the heat-winners and losers

Yesterday we went to a beautiful wedding but oh my, it was hot!  It was a beach ceremony and it was 38 degrees with the ceremony started. 

I had put a lot of thought into my make-up, especially as I knew it was going to be so hot.  It wasn't a triumph or a disaster-somewhere in the middle.  Here's what worked and what didn't....

Base-Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector, Mac Prep and Prime Natural Radiance primer, Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

The first thing that didn't work was my base and it was totally my own fault.  This Mac primer works really well with other foundations I have used but just doesn't work with this Laura Mercier one at all-I found when I used it under this foundation it caused the foundation to split.  I have been using the Clarins/Laura Mercier combination for weeks and really like it but for some reason yesterday I thought (extremely unwisely) that a primer would help the longevity of the foundation and so I used it.  BIG mistake.  My base actually split and looked hideous-Mike said it looked like my face was peeling!  Luckily I had in my clutch something to correct it which I talk about later in this post....

Mac Prep and Prime Lash, Anastasia Lash Genius, Clarins Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base, Make Up Forever Aqua Smoky Lash mascara

This combo is a total WINNER for long staying eye make-up.  I use the eye shadow primer for Clarins every single day and it makes my eyeshadow look more pigmented, truer to pan colour and last all day.  For amazing lashes I used the Mac Prep and Prime lash, followed by the Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash and once the mascara is dry I coat my lashes with the Anastasia Lash Genius waterproof top coat.  Even standing teary eyed in the ceremony and the searing heat didn't make my mascara budge once.  Highly recommended.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

I picked this Urban Decay setting spray up in New York-I did use it yesterday but I don't think it's fair to give an opinion on it yet-especially in such challenging conditions.   I don't think it caused my foundation to split as it had happened before when I used that primer but I will have to give it another try.

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose eye palette

I might be being a little unfair here saying it was one of the products that 'couldn't stand the heat' because when I first applied this eyeshadow I did love it-I used the dusky pink and grey/taupe colours to create a natural smoky eye and I loved it.  But in a couple of hours it had really creased on my eyelids with the heat of the day.  There was no fall out and I didn't have to re-do my eyes but it didn't stay on smooth.  Again, I'll have to give it another try in not so hot and heavy conditions.

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Foundation and Dior Rosy Glow blusher

If I had not had this Make Up For Ever foundation on me I probably would have gone home after the ceremony and re-done my make-up my base had split that badly.  But this compact foundation is genius-it goes on smooth, its heavy enough to cover imperfections and it lasts.  I used one of the cold towels the staff were handing out on the beach to remove the majority of my foundation and then re-applied this with the enclosed sponge.  Even though I didn't moisturise my skin first it went on evenly and really saved my day!  I also use this regularly for touch ups during the day at work-it's an excellent product.

I LOVE this Dior blusher.  My best friend bought it for me for my birthday and not only is it stunningly beautiful to look at, it makes you look radiant.  This blush reacts to your skins natural chemistry to create your perfect bespoke 'healthy glow'.  Perfect for the 'english rose' kind of look I was aiming for yesterday.

Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain in Flush and Lipstick Queen Lipstick in Smitten

I wanted a natural rosy lip-nothing too bright or in your face.  This duo provided that and lasted hours without re-touching too!

I really like this Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain.  It looks super sleek in its mirrored 'pen' packaging.  It's best applied to 'dry' lips, ie blot off any lip balm before applying so it 'sticks' better.  It's easy to apply with its in built foam applicator and sets quickly to a non drying, semi matte finish.  I then topped the stain with the Lipstick Queen lipstick from the Look of love set-this lipstick offers a glossy, iridescent finish that can be applied alone or over lipsticks.  It was very comfortable on the lips and gave the exact effect I wanted-colour but not overdone.

Yesterday was an extremely challenging day for any make up wearer and I definitely wasn't the only one sweltering in the heat.  I suspect the next 2 weddings I am going to in the UK over the next 4 weeks won't pose the same heat related challenges-but you never know!!

Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain (left) and Lipstick Queen lipstick in Smitten


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