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Alpha H Liquid Gold-first impressions

Warning-this blog post contains pictures of very bad skin!  Which I cannot believe I am actually posting but hey-the things we do to be true to our blogs....

10th March 2013.

I've mentioned before but I am suffering with my skin.  The problem started when I tried Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish-my skin reacted immediately with big cystic spots on my chin and this was at the beginning of January.  Those spots have left scars and although I stopped using the Liz Earle cleanser after a week I've had continuous problems with my skin since-about 8 weeks now.  I stripped backed my skincare routine to just using a cleansing oil I had used before from Shu Uemura that hadn't irritated me and Effaclar Duo.  My skin seemed to be getting back to normal but then last week again I got another 2 deep cystic spots and today can feel another one.

My make up free skin-10th March 2013

The spots unfortunately are those deep rooted, angry red lumps that don't really come to a head but are painful and unsightly.  I hate them and it does nothing for my self esteem.  I've not suffered like this before.

I read about Alpha H Liquid Gold on the Cult Beauty website as a product that could help with acne scarring (this was when I thought my skin was settling down) and I ordered some.  I also picked up the Discovery Kit which contains about 5 products from the range-all the products are a decent size too.

I've read loads of reviews online and all seem to say the same thing-that this is some kind of miracle product. 

Basically you are putting acid onto your skin.  Glycolic Acid to be precise.  Glycolic acid exfoliates and helps to renew cell production as well as boosting collagen production.  The exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, encouraging new ones to the skins surface faster and reduce pore size.  You apply it every other night, just apply to a cotton pad (not soak, just a few drops) and wipe it over your face-as if using a toner.  And it's recommended not to put anything on your skin afterwards.

It's also recommended that you use an SPF during the day to protect your skin as it will be more susceptible to burning.

There is a serum in the Discovery Pack and its recommended you use this on the nights you're not using the Liquid Gold so I will try that too.

My skin is making me want to cry today.  Make-up free is not an option.  My skin looks so angry and is sore.  I really have high hopes for this product.  I WANT it to be a miracle.

So I have tried it tonight for the first time.  There was indeed some tingling when I first applied it but that disappeared literally in under 30 seconds and it was not in any way unbearable stinging (you know where you want to itch your face or wash off whatever is on it)

I thought it might be quite drying but no, an hour on my skin and my skin feels very smooth and soft, there is no residue at all from the Alpha Liquid Gold.

I'll update the post over the next couple of weeks to see if there is any improvement.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

17th March 2013

I have been using the Alpha H Liquid Gold lotion and then the serum on alternate nights and yey I have seen an improvement!  I still have scarring BUT I have no new spots!

Here's my skin after 7 days usage

7 days usage of Alpha H Liquid Gold

It does still sting when I apply it but the stinging fades in 10-15 seconds.  The serum is lightweight and absorbs easily.  I haven't been using anything else on my skin apart from the Shu Uemura oil and Kiehls moisturisor in the morning and then the Shu Uemura oil and Alpha H products in the evening-plus my normal eye creams.

5th April 2013

I've been using the Alpha H products for almost a month now and I'm really happy and have seen a significant improvement.  No new spots, despite doing 4 long haul flights this month (which would normally play havoc with my skin) and the scars have seen a little improvement.  Yes I admittedly do not have supermodel skin but I think you can see an improvement. 

It's also worthy to note that my skin is not feeling any drier or irritated in any way using these products.

1 month on

This is an expensive treatment.  It retails at £31.50 for 100ml and £44.95 for the 200ml size.  But I don't believe you can put a price on self esteem and I feel so so much happier with my skin at the moment.  I've just purchased the 200ml size because this really has made an amazing difference to my skin. 

You can purchase Alpha H Liquid Gold from Cult Beauty, Look Fantastic and Beauty Bay online.

My photos have been featured in this article on Cult Beauty about the benefits of Alpha H

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  1. Wow, genuine proof of this working. Just bought this one!


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