Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Noteable skincare

I have to admit I have gotten a little bit lazy with my skincare recently. 
I used to be a hardcore 'double cleanse, double tone, serum or oil' kind of girl in the evenings but I feel like I have discovered the ultimate lazy girls evening cleanser.  More on that in a moment, let me share a couple of other gems with you first.

My current morning cleanser is the Elemis Biotec Skin Energising Cleanser.  I love this because it's a light, refreshing cleansing wash that rinses cleanly and literally takes 20 seconds.  The instructions are to use 2-3 pumps, but in reality I use about 10 yet this cleanser is still lasting forever.   It contains lactic, ferulic and succinic acids, electrolytes and minerals to refresh, rejuvenate and balance.

This is definitely a morning cleanser to use in the shower.  It's not heavy duty enough to remove make up.  But as a morning cleanse it's pretty much perfect.

After cleansing in the morning I have been applying this oil from Sarah Champan before my moisturiser.  I love Sarah Chapman products-you can read reviews of other things I have tried here, here and here.

Putting an oil on my face in the morning seems odd, especially as I have combination skin.  But the Sarah Chapman Morning Facial isn't overly oily and gives a wonderful all day glow to the skin.  I've had no breakouts and feel like this just plumps the skin, adds radiance and conditions the skin without leaving any oily residue behind.   There's all sorts of fancy ingredients that have been developed and patented by Sarah Chapman included, plus Vitamin A and rosehip oil.  It feels luxurious and is perfect for this time of year.

Finally, the ultimate lazy girls cleanser, the GlamGlow Power Cleanse.  This has taken me from a double cleanse in the evening to a single cleanse that removes make up and treats my skin at the same time.

The Power Cleanse is split into two channels-one containing a cleansing oil, the other containing a mud cleanser.  Each can be pumped out separately to customise your cleanse but I tend to just go for three pumps of each and massage into dry skin.  The oil gives the cleanser enough slip for a good massage and breaks down all my make up whilst the mud tones and purifies.  I then add water and massage some more and then remove with a damp flannel.  One efficient cleanse.  5 minutes less in the bathroom.  I've always loved GlamGlow masks and am so pleased with how effective this cleanser is.

The cleanser contains GlamGlows patented Teaoxi Velvet Leaf that is found in the masks along with two different types of clays to detoxify.  It also contains Prickly Pear and Tangerine Oil to clean and nourish.

My skin is undoubtedly looking the clearest it ever has-yes admittedly my hormonal medication does help, but these three products really are a joy to use every day.


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