Friday, November 18, 2016

Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes-part 2

Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes review

Back in August I reviewed the first four Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes that I picked up (review!) and I was pretty impressed.  Although the four shades I had were a little inconsistent in the application and wear, overall they are one of the best matte lip formulas I have tried in terms of comfort and wear time.

I then picked up a further three and when I asked on my blog if you would like to see those too, there was a resounding yes.  So finally I am here with swatches of the three that I picked up-Muse, Trophy Wife and Bombshell.

My thoughts on the formula stay pretty much the same-they're very lightweight, comfortable and not particularly drying for a liquid matte.  But, I am starting to question if me + liquid matte formulas is a thing I want to continue.  A couple of times when I was wearing these I caught sight of my reflection and felt the matte lip was very ageing on me.  I don't feel this so much about matte lipstick formulas but with matte liquid lipsticks, I find they do seem to accentuate every lip line and I feel like maybe this is a trend I am now over.

Muse has a lilac-y grey undertone to it and I am not 100% sure this is a tone I suit.  I feel like it makes me look rather washed out and tired.  This is one of the most popular shades in the range given it's 'Kylie Jenner'-esque vibes but I'm way too old to even pretend to rock a Kylie Jenner look.

Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes review

Trophy Wife is the shade I like the most but looks the harshest on me in terms of pulling at every line on my lips.   I feel like this one really aged me even though I loved the rosy pink tone to it. 

Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes review

Bombshell is a shade that looks different on everyone.  If I swatch it, it looks really dark brown toned but on my lips it looks quite peachy.  This is the shade that wore the worst on me-I paired it with the Bombshell Lip Contour (review!) and I found that the liner lasted far longer than the liquid lipstick so I was left with a very 80's looking darker lip line.

Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes review

I feel like I might end up putting these in my next blog sale-I want to keep hold of the shades Cheerleader and Heartbreaker from my first post and I definitely love the Lip Contours but I feel I just won't reach for these enough to justify holding on to them.

What's your take on matte liquid lipsticks?

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