Friday, June 3, 2016

Currently loving-Beauty and People!

So before I get into my current beauty favourites I want to mention my four favourite people right now because I am feeling very lucky and grateful!

If you have followed me for a while you will know that almost two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer.  I had major surgery and have been relatively well and lived a normal life for the past 18 months.  And then about 3 weeks ago I started with chronic abdominal pain-which turned out to be a cyst that hemorrhaged-but the scan I had at the hospital showed up two new masses that were not evident in the scan I had in February.  To cut a long story short I needed more surgery which I had 11 days ago and the two masses, and one of my ovaries were removed.

The surgery went well, really well and I am recovering really quickly compared to my last surgery.  The body is an amazing machine-but having an amazing surgeon helps too.

My first favourite person therefore is my surgeon-Dr Rajesh Devassy from Dubai London Specialty Hospital.  He's so brilliant and so caring-if you need a gynecologist or a gynecological surgeon in Dubai, this is the man you need to see.  He has done all my surgery and it's no exaggeration to say he has saved my life.  He is also the hardest working doctor I know-he operated on me at 10.30am and then came back to see me at 11.30pm.

My second fave person is of course my wonderful mum.  I swear to God, she is the most incredible woman ever.  Most of you will know that I live over 3500 miles from my mum and dad, so for her to drop everything and jump on a flight is amazing.   She nursed me through my last surgery and so she knew what to expect from this surgery and how difficult the first few days are.  She made sure I had my medicine and injections every day (actually giving me the injections daily), fed me, clothed me, blow dried my hair, looked after the cats, drove me up and down to the hospital, did all my housework, baked me a cake and was just there 24/7-she's just an angel.

I love you mum!!

My two other favourite people are the Laura's!  Today they turned up at my apartment, not only clutching an amazing cake, balloons and gifts but dressed, especially for the occasion as cats!  Is that just not the best thing ever??  It was such a fun afternoon of pizza, cake, Whispering Angel, make up and watching Youtube 'highlighter only' tutorials. Thank you so much Laura and Laura, you're both awesome and so kind!

If you're quick there is evidence on all of our snapchat (stadybelle/buynowbloglater/thelauracarlson) of the afternoon and I think I have watched their (and mine!) snapchat stories like twenty times each haha!

So happy and grateful...and here are the make up things I am loving right now.

Gucci golden glow bronzer in Oriental Sienna

First up is the Gucci Golden Glow Bronzer in 020 Oriental Sienna-which rightfully earns it's place in these favourites because I have hit pan!  This is no NARS Laguna where you hit pan in three strokes of a powder brush, this bronzer has had daily use for over 4 months now and it's awesome!  I know Gucci is not a very widely accessible brand but this is one bronzer you could buy online with confidence that it's really great stuff.

The finish is matte without being flat and it's relatively cool toned so there is no oomph loopa fear.  I have written a full review of it here and I am hoping that it doesn't crumble and die anytime soon!  Hitting pan always feel a bit like a heart stopper-every time you open it, will it survive?

Here's how it looked before I used it to death!

Two lip faves-the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 5 Infinite Rose is the perfect peachy nude-it's slightly pearly in finish but is mostly matte and the staying power is awesome without making your lips feel like the Sahara.  You can see it in action in my Lip Six here.

A drugstore lip liner I am loving is the L'Oreal Colour Riche liner in 630 Beige A Nu.  I picked this up in the UK at Xmas and every time I want to do a nude lip I reach for this.  It's comfortable, long lasting and is perfect for that 'Kylie Jenner' nude lip that everyone seems to be coveting right now.  I find it goes with pretty much every nude I own and it's as good as Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk at a fraction of the price.  Pillow Talk is slightly pinker in tone but I find myself reaching for Beige A Nu more often, but the textures are very similar.  I love it all over my lips with Chantecaille 'Lucky' gloss on top for a glossy nude, long lasting lip.

I have gotten so into false lashes recently-totally inspired/enabled by the dedication Laura has to false lashes on the daily.  I am still more of a special occasion wearer but I cannot get enough of the Esqido Companion lash glue*, it's definitely the best I have tried.   Esqido kindly sent me some of their lashes to try and included this glue-this is basically what all lash glues should aim to be.  Packaged in a glass tube and with a wand applicator, it just makes application of the glue to the lashes so precise, non messy and seamless.  The glue is white and dries clear and it literally holds the lashes on all day and then removes easily when I want it to.

marc jacobs shameless bold blush in reckless

My last fave is the Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in Reckless.  I have already written a full review about this but I have found that I have just been using this every day recently because it's so easy and it goes with everything.  I have always loved MAC Well Dressed but I find that it's really poorly pigmented even on my pale skin-Reckless is the same tone but much more pigmented.
It has the same dusky pink colour as Well Dressed with a slight silvery undertone yet Reckless still remains hard to overdo. 

The formula really is lovely-it's very lightweight, silky and finely milled and blends seamlessly.  Reckless has a satin finish and the slight silver undertone stops it from being in any way flat on the skin.  You can check out my full review here.

I'd love to know if you have tried any of these and love them as much as I do?  And if you've done a current favourites post link it below as they're my fave to read!

*This post contains a product gifted to me by Esqido.  Thoughts and opinions are, as always, my very own.


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