Wednesday, June 15, 2016

3 disappointing drugstore mascaras

Although admittedly I own mainly higher end make up, I fully appreciate that there are true gems in the drugstore space and I am always open to trying a much hyped new release.  When I was in the US last summer the selection of mascaras in Walmart and CVS was totally overwhelming and I picked up a couple (or ten).  I've been trying some of my drugstore mascaras and thought I would share three that just don't meet the mark with this mascara obsessive.

I have simple requirements for mascaras-the blackest black, lengthening, volumising and zero smudging.  If it's easy to remove that's a bonus but I have recently tried the Sephora bi-phase eye make up remover and that gets everything off.  I also hate it when a brush scratches my lashes-it's immediately goes in the bin-NARS Audacious I'm looking at you.

First up is the Rimmel Rockin Curves.  In the US, Rimmel offers 19 different mascaras and in the UK they offer 21-that's just insane-I wouldn't even know where to start faced with so many choices!

The wand on this mascara is absolutely humongous and has a weird, fat 'S' curve that tapers at the end.  It promises 'big, curvy, rockin lashes' and the brush was surprisingly easy to use-the shape allows you to get really close to the lashline and the fibre brush, despite looking like a lethal weapon doesn't scratch the lashes.  Another unexpected plus-despite the size of the wand, mascara doesn't sneak onto your eyelid when you apply it.

The formula leaves your lashes totally clump free and separated and it does add length.  But that's it-however much I layer up the mascara I can't create any volume at all.  And secretly, I love a bit of clump to my lashes.

Next up is the L'Oreal Million Lashes So Couture.  I had such high high hopes for this mascara-who doesn't want a million lashes??  The fact it was labelled 'So Couture, So Black' just offered so much promise.....and the result was just so disappointing.

The wand is short, fat, plastic and spiky-again it doesn't scratch the lashes and it manoeuvres around them easily, getting into the corners easily.  But again, no matter how many coats I apply, I just couldn't build any volume or length.  I liked that my lashes were separated and defined but I disliked that there was no oopmh to my lashes at all.  I expected way more intense lashes and it just didn't deliver.

The most disappointing of all though was the Cover Girl Clump Crusher Extensions which I was so sure I had heard umpteen raves about on YouTube and blogs.  This mascara promises 200% more volume and the look of lash extensions without the hassle of the upkeep.  The curved plastic brush was great for sweeping right from the very root of the lashes to the tips but it was scratchy and I swear I put on about 100 coats and still couldn't achieve impressive lashes.  Again, no clumps but no anything else either-volume, length, nada.  Where are all these people that love Clump Crusher?  I don't get it!!!

So yes, a bit of a ranty post about bad mascara but bad mascara annoys me!  What are your favourite drugstore mascaras for length and volume?  That don't smudge or flake.  And are the blackest black?  It's surely not that hard.  Is it?


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