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The review: Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette

Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette review
Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette review
Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette review
Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette review

This palette was on my wishlist for so long, I kept reading great reviews on it from some of my fave (and trusted) bloggers like Laurzrah and Adrienne and so when I was home at Xmas I finally placed a Beauty Bay order and picked up this, the Rose Garden palette and some more brushes from Zoeva.  Zoeva brushes are amazing-as good as MAC for sure at a fraction of the price.  I've only really tried eye brushes but they are The. Bomb.

I also own the Mixed Metals palette and this blew me away when I tried it.  You can read my review here.  I was so impressed with the texture, the pigmentation and the lasting power.  Writing about it makes me want to use it again and that's the sign of a great make up product.

I feel like the Cocoa Blend is another great palette with only one 'miss' shade.

Let me break down the shades:

Bitter Start-a matte cream shade that is perfect for cleaning up the outer edges of your eyeshadow and also using under the brow bone.  I also mix it with Substitute For Love and use it in my crease as a transition shade-I find that the cream colour tones down a little of the orange in Substitute for Love making the combination perfect on my pale skin.

Sweeter End-for me this is the dud.  It swatches beautifully and I was awed by it-its a cool toned mauvy, lilac with a yellow undertone but however hard I try I can't get it to show up well on my lid.  I've tried various primers but it just kind of looks like nothing.  I will try pressing it over a creamier base and using it like a pigment to see if that amps up the colour pay off but at the moment it's a miss from me.

Warm Notes-I have seen comparison after comparison with MAC Cranberry and it's hard to deny the similarities.  Personally, I prefer Cranberry, I think it's a little more pigmented but this is a good dupe and the whole palette is around the cost of one MAC eyeshadow.

Subtle Blend-absolutely one of my favourites in the palette, this is a rich and warm mid toned bronze.  This is the sort of colour I adore.  Very easy to blend out and any fall out cleans up easily from under the eye.

Beans are white-matte black.  I honestly don't tend to use matte black eyeshadow as I find it very stark on me but it is good to have an option if I want to use it as a liner.

Pure Ganache-my favourite-it's just the perfect golden tone for me.  It's so pigmented and so easy to work with.  It has a slightly metallic finish and there is some fall out but its very easy to clean up with a sweep of a large fluffy brush.  Been using this a lot.

Substitute for Love-an easy to use matte shadow I use in the crease.  For a subtle eye contour I mix this with the cream shade to knock out some of the orange in the undertone-it's a perfect mix.

Freshly toasted-Another really good matte crease shade-still quite warm and again can be toned down my mixing it with the matte cream shade.  I'm using it a lot.

Infusion-a really dark brown matte shadow but with golden glitter.  I have used this on the outer corner but you could also press this along the last liner for something a little more subtle (but glittery)

Delicate Acidity-the worst name for an eyeshadow ever?  Delicate Acidity is a darker mauve than Sweeter End with good pigmentation and a little microshimmer.  I'm not a huge fan of these type of tones on me but it is very pretty.

Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette review
My go to look is always a bronzey eye and the bronze tones in this palette are good enough to keep me picking up this palette.  The matte shades are excellent and the warm red is very wearable.  The shades that will get the least use from me are Sweeter End, Delicate Acidity and Beans Are White.

I bought my palette from Beauty Bay for £15.50.  I think the quality, pigmentation and lasting powder of these shadows make this an absolute bargain and a very versatile palette.

Have you used anything from Zoeva?


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