Friday, February 12, 2016

The review: Dior Glow lip liner

Dior Glow lip liner
Dior Glow lip liner

Dior lip products rank as some of my favourites ever-especially the Dior Rouge Dior lipstick line-they're just so creamy and pigmented and comfortable to wear-I would quite happily live the rest of my days wearing only them.

The 'Glow' range originated with the Lip Glow which is a balm lipstick that when applied, reacts with your lips natural chemistry to give you a bespoke, flattering pink lip colour.  The effect is subtle but it is noticeable as well as making your lips look more refined, polished and plumped.  Also in the Glow range is the Diorskin Rosy Glow blush which does a similar thing to your cheeks-a blush that adapts to your natural colour to give your most flattering pink.

I own both and whilst I like the Lip Glow, I find that the Rosy Glow blush always looks quite stark and chalky on my skintone.

The newest edition is the Dior Glow lip liner-and the concept is similar.  A lip liner that will adapt to the natural chemistry of your lips to give you the most flattering pink shade.  This piqued my interest and I found myself walking away from Dior in Harvey Nichols in Dubai with this, the new setting powder and a Glowing Gardens highlighter.  I can never just buy one thing (NB the highlighter wasn't for me, buying it for a friend :)

Dior Glow lip liner

This liner is truly unique in my collection and the formula is like nothing I have tried before.  The liner is a solid gel that twists up and has a thin angled edge.  All of my lip liners are pencil so this shaped bullet is new to me.  However, because it's so angled I actually find it really easy to navigate the contours of my lips and get a precise line.  The gel formula also means that the product glides along the lips easily without dragging or tugging.  The downside?  Because it is gel it is very fragile.  I twisted mine up a little too far and the pressure I was exerting on my lips must have been too much and the nib snapped off.  So if you're buying one, only twist up the nib to expose a little of the product.

I really like the colour it produces-I worried it would be invisible because you first apply it you don't see anything.  It takes around 10 seconds for the colour to start to appear and on me its a really flattering baby to mid pink that I can pair with lots of different lipsticks.

I have filled in my lips with it here so you can see the colour and I can really see me using this liner a lot.  It's far less drying that some of the MAC pencil liners I own and it's really easy to work with.  Remember it is bespoke though so will not necessarily look this shade of pink on everyone

Dior Glow lip liner

I am guessing that this is a slimmer, liner version of the original Lip Glow lipstick so I don't know if you really need both and it is showing as a limited edition product on the Dior website.  I have also noticed they recommend not extending the tip more than 2mm.....I should have read that before using it!


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