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The review: Gucci Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick in 340 Nude Satin

The review: Gucci Luxurious Lipstick in 340 Nude Satin
The review: Gucci Luxurious Lipstick in 340 Nude Satin
The review: Gucci Luxurious Lipstick in 340 Nude Satin

I have to admit, there isn't anything from the Gucci Beauty line that I haven't really liked like so far-I just wish the line was a little more accessible in the UK.   Here in Dubai the line is very accessible and when people ask me 'what make up should I buy in Dubai?' I always recommend checking out Gucci.  It's stocked in Sephora, Paris Gallery and Bloomingdales so if you're in Dubai Mall, you're sorted.  It's also in Harvey Nichols and Sephiora in Mall of the Emirates if you prefer shopping there.

Lipstick is my thing as most of you regular readers will know.  I could probably dupe this lipstick in my stash a thousand times (literally) but it's definitely grown on me as it's just virtually impossible to not like it.

Granted there are only so many phrases you can use to describe a lipstick and you've heard every single one of them before but I will give you my thoughts without waffling too much.

Let's start with packaging-its solid, heavy and kind of old school.  No 21st century magnetic closure or 'revolutionary' bullet shape.  The black and gold is quite 80's and I feel like I should be wearing shoulder pads and watching Dallas but I do like the GG monogramming on the inner casing.  Still very 80's though.  The bullet itself has the double G monogram as well but like all embossed lipsticks don't expect this to last more than a couple of swipes.

Gucci do two different lipstick formulas-Audacious Colour Intense and Luxurious Moisture Rich and when the brand launched in Dubai at the end of 2014 I picked up one of each.   And sadly they have sat in my 'still to try' make up stash since (don't shoot me).  Nude Satin is from the Luxurious Moisture Rich line and it really is a great formula-it contains more than 65% oils and claims that the natural heat of your body allows the colour to melt onto the lips.  Whatever.  With 65% oils the lipstick should be pretty much dripping from the bullet.

But it is hydrating for sure-and very comfortable and lightweight on the lips.  It has a luminous satin finish and I actually do really like lipsticks that appear quite glossy and luminous-the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution ones have the same effect but are of course more matte.  I don't want to say 'lit from within' because that's so cliché but that's kind of what I mean.  It's easy to top up throughout the day without drying your lips out and making them go flaky.

I remember when I was choosing a colour I thought 'play it safe, buy a neutral' and that's how I ended up with Nude Satin.  It's unremarkable, dupeable but I kind of love it.  You just cannot go wrong with this kind of shade in your lipstick wardrobe.  It's slightly boring but it's so extremely appropriate/wearable/My Lips But More Polished/easy that I will wear it all the time.  It's not too brown and is a nice balance of nude leaning towards pink.

Of course if you don't want to splash out £28 on a lipstick (I always go down the 'cost per wear Avenue of Justification') or can't get to a Gucci counter and want me to try and dupe this from my stash let me know.  Here's a completely unfiltered photo to show how 'boring but polished' it is.

Gucci Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick in 340 Nude Satin

I've reviewed some of the other Gucci beauty products on my blog-another lip product I love is here, a couple of the single eyeshadows here, a couple more here, and an eyeshadow quad here.

PS I am strongly against themed Valentines day posts-a lipstick post is as good as it gets from me!

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