Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sigma F80 and F82 brush review

I love applying my foundation with a brush and I recently purchased these two Sigma brushes from Beauty Chamber to expand my collection.  Quick note on Beauty Chamber-I think this was my second order from them and the service was super quick and I would definitely use them again.

Both brushes have synthetic bristles which are super soft and dense. 

The F80 Flat Kabuki brush is great for applying liquid foundation to large areas like the cheeks and forehead but is not so easy to use around the nose.  I don't dislike it but compared to the F82 round kabuki brush it's just not as good an all rounder.

The F82 Round Kabuki brush is literally foundation brush perfection.  I absolutely love it, it's the perfect size for applying foundation-and is equally as good on larger areas like the cheeks and forehead and the nooks and crannies like round your nose and under your eyes.

The bristles on both are so soft on the skin and also wash so well.  I use the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove and a good dollop of baby shampoo.  I haven't had one hair shed from either.

Both brushes give an absolutely streak free finish and are also great for buffing in foundation .

I am definitely impressed with both brushes-especially the F82 Round Kabuki-this is definitely not my last purchase from Sigma!

What other Sigma brushes do I need?


  1. Both of these sound so soft and effective! I recently was sent a couple of Sigma eye brushes to test out and they're lovely too! Have a great weekend, Stacey! xo

  2. I hate to say it Stacey....but I think you're right! ha ha xxx

  3. You NEED the F82-Stacey says so! xxx

  4. They're great brushes and really good value! xx

  5. Hi Anne! I remember reading your review, I own two of the larger ones and both are absolutely lovely! Great picks! xxx

  6. That's such a shame-hope mine don't go the same way but so far so good x

  7. Thanks for the tip!! xx

  8. Oh no Stacey....another brush I need!!! I have the F80 and I love it but your comments have made me feel as though I definitely need the F82! online

    Mwah! x

  9. F86! I like it for concealer. It may seem big, but it's amazing!

  10. Oh I need to lay my hands on F80! I have several foundation brushes that I like, but it does look really good!

  11. I love the F80! So good!
    Stacey, have you tried Marc Jacobs brushes? Especially the angled one for foundation... #BrushPorn LOL! It's my favorite! Super soft and gives a flawless full coverage! You need it! :-)
    I reviewed it on my blog not so long ago if you fancy a read! :-)
    Have a lovely weekend! Mwah! xx

  12. In time my Sigma brushes (especially the F80) begun to shed, so I got rid of them.


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