Sunday, June 15, 2014

MAC Limited Edition Lovelies

I blogged about my picks from the MAC Osbournes collection earlier this week but at the end of last week some more online orders of limited edition lovelies rocked up at my office.  I was hoping to include two lipsticks from the Playland collection that were supposed to be in the Selfridges order that arrived on Thursday but they were missing when I opened the parcel.  I contacted Selfridges who are 'investigating' but the fact is, they weren't in the box.  It's transpired today that they were dispatched separately but Selfridges didn't tell me that, I have found out myself.  From their end they were supposed to update me yesterday but didn't and the tone of the girl at Selfridges customer service on Thursday was a clear indication that she thought I was swinging the lead.  She should have looked at my order history with them.  Luckily the social media team at Selfridges have been far more responsive and professional.  I'll keep you updated to the outcome.

On to happier things, I could not more chuffed with these items-they are all fabulous.

First up, two lipsticks.  Pinkfringe from the Proenza Schuler collection with it's divine ombre metallic packaging (I got both blushers too, swoon) and Kelly Yum Yum in it's Kelly-esque lilac packaging.  I didn't need Kelly Yum Yum, I could dupe it from my existing stash but want and need are very different things.

Next up is the Pedro Lourenço Nude Quad.  I was having a late lunch one day and scrolling through instagram and saw this on Sara from Color Me Loud's feed.  Sara is one of my biggest enablers especially when it comes to eyeshadows and I immediately logged on to MAC US on my iphone and bought it.  I didn't read reviews or look at the shades in the palette-and guess what, I own two of the already!!!  However, I am SO happy I did buy this because a) the limited edition packaging is stunning b) MAC Sable is MY ALL TIME FAVE SHADOW and I have a big pan shaped hole in the one in my pro palette and c) sooo good for travelling to have such a well put together quad to hand.  Amazeballs.

Have you picked up anything from any of MAC's recent collections?  Love or disappointment?  Have you missed out on something swoon-worthy?

I am writing this from Cairo today where I am for 5 days on a business trip-Cairo is without doubt the most crazy city I have ever visited but having been over 30 times in the last 3 years (I look after Egypt as part of my job so am there at least once a month) it always fills me with a sense of calm and belonging.  I am excited about going back as it's six weeks since I was last there and I have missed it!  It's very much work work work (I've still never seen the Pyramids) but as someone who struggles to sit still I love it!  I got the most amazing welcome back to the Four Seasons Nile Plaza in Cairo in the form of a tempered chocolate smart phone and a whole host of handmade chocolates.  If you follow me on  Instagram you can see cool it was!


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