Saturday, June 21, 2014

Currently Loving

June is so far a way better month than May with some super super exciting things coming up (we'll politely ignore the 4000 word assignment I have to do like now and the final exam in October).

I arrived back in Dubai on Thursday after a very hectic week working in Cairo, only to immediately hit the road and drive up to Fujeirah for a weekend break at the beach.

The view from our room-not bad at all

I am off to London on Friday to see my best best best friend for the weekend (and some other super super special ladies to me) and my mum for five days after that-proper girly time leaving my dad at home to fend for himself!  Oh and my passport needs renewing again-I got a 48 page one three years ago when I started my current one and its full already!  #FrequentFlyer

We've also booked a holiday to Miami in October with my best friend again-Sephora here I come!  The list making starts now.

On to my current loves-I have done two 'currently loving' posts this month but I was a little sick in May and the one I posted at the beginning of June should have been up a lot earlier than it was!

I feel a little giddy today-can you tell lol!

First up this absolutely gorgeous palette from Dior from their permanent collection.  It's perfect for Spring/Summer with its delicate pinks at the top, that beautiful light bronze in the centre, the most stunning vibrant purple and that taupe

The colours are so velvety and blend so easily-I often forget just how bloody amazing Dior shadows are and should dive into my collection more often.  But their palettes are so visually stunning I really struggle to put my brush into the prettiness.

I am literally obsessed with fragrance at the moment and have been spending a fortune but there are two I literally cannot stop spraying.  First up is the Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria*it's kind of intoxicating whilst being light and fresh at the same time.  The guy who sits next to me at work one day said 'I smelt something really nice all the way down the corridor and got to my desk and it's you!'.
The opening note is cherry which to me is just spring/summer personified but it's mellowed by mandarin and bergamot.  It dries down to a more floral sweet scent but without that sickly quality.  I wear this day and night and cannot get enough of that very first spritz smell.

The other perfume I can't get enough of is sadly very limited edition (you may still be able to get it in store but it seems to be sold out online in the UK) is the Jo Malone 'Rain and Angelica' from the London Rain collection.  This was a duty free purchase for me and I just love it so much.  It's much more aquatic than the Calvin Klein but lasts all day even though it's very subtle.  It's very clean and very refreshing.  I love combining it with Jo Malone Orange Blossom.  If you can try it do-and the bottle is obviously stunning and a change from the normal Jo Malone classic bottles.

MAC Well Dressed blush has been in my stash for a couple of years but was very much unloved until recently.  I dug it out after seeing an old Tanya Burr tutorial and thought it looked so pretty!  It's not very pigmented but the plus side of that is that it really is impossible to over do it.  It gives the prettiest pink flush to the cheeks, has a satin finish and I don't feel I need to wear a highlight with it because the finish is quite sheeny and radiant.  A must for pale girls.

Charlotte Tilbury 'Bitch Perfect' is probably my favourite nude of all time now.  Any regular reader of this blog knows I went a bit loopy when Charlotte launched her make up line, practically buying one of everything and the lipsticks are really good.  Slightly syrupy in formula, they don't bleed and last ages.  See a full review here of the lipsticks I own from the line.  And if you fancy seeing my crazy Charlotte Tilbury haul just click here.

Have you tried any of these products?  Apart from the perfumes these were all 'shopped my stash' products and you know what?  It felt goooood.

*Contains a PR sample sent for review.  Opinions are, as always, my very own.


  1. That lipstick name is hilarious! :-D Also, although you were working, I got stuck on 'Cairo'. I miss Egypt!

  2. I love both so much xx

  3. I love Cairo!!! Yes Charlotte did a good job naming that lipstick! X

  4. It's lush, wore it all last week in London xxx


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