Saturday, July 27, 2013

What's in my bag?

I'm very excited that tomorrow I have a new handbag coming from Michael Kors which I have bought from the Nordstrom sale.

I am very particular about my 'work' handbag-it has to be a tote that is big enough for me to chuck everything in (I feel sometimes like I literally carry everything but the kitchen sink) and it has to have no fancy zip or flapover closure because I like to have the easiest access to the contents!  I also prefer short handles to carry it in the crook of my arm.  I am lucky that in Dubai no one walks anywhere unless it's round the mall and so I am not as security conscious as someone who works in a city or commutes on the tube might be.  I remember handbag shopping with someone from London who was horrified I would consider a bag without a secure zip closure but it's honestly never something I think about.

So as I empty out one bag to switch over to my new bag I thought I might do a 'farewell' post to my much loved and well used Longchamp Roseau bag.

The Roseau bag is part of the core collection from Longchamp and I have had mine for over 2 years.  They are the perfect tote shape and have a magnetic closing and toggle-although mine is never fastened with the toggle.  Mine is the larger of the two Roseau bags with short handles and this is the 'Croco' material-the crocodile style full grain leather.  It's a soft tote not a structured tote and the leather is incredibly durable, even though I have used this bag almost every day for work it has barely a mark on it.  It's also extremely lightweight.  I don't think this exact bag is available currently but other colours are and it retails for approximately £280.

I've literally taken pictures of everything currently in the bag and also tipped out my make up bag as it currently is.  My make up bag is from Louis Vuitton and I have had it for about 12 years.

This is what I generally carry round on a day to day basis.

I suffer from asthma and with all my dental trauma of the last few weeks I carry round a little medicine bag with my inhalers, antihistamines, painkillers and various other meds.  Also also don't drink caffeine so carry some Pro Plus for when I am super tired!

Do people still have address books?  I am guessing not but can't think of a better way to store all my addresses!

The Prada bits were gifts from my friend Danielle and the Aspinal diary from my friend Hannah.  I love pink and these bits are easy to spot in my handbag.  In the Mulberry pouch I keep my headphones, a spare phone battery and my ipod when it isn't plugged into my car.

And here what is currently crammed into my makeup bag!

Worthy of mention here is that the Guerlain kabuki brush is really scratchy and not worth the money at all-compared to the Hourglass one this is like swiping sandpaper across your face!  And the Blistex lip balm has been a total lifesaver with all my trips to the dentist which have resulted in extra dry lips.

The Diorshow corrector is brilliant for clearing up any under eye make up smudges!

Enough lipstick for every day of the week..and then some

Thank you to my little helpers this morning!

This is my second 'What's in my handbag' post-I did another one with my lovely Prada handbag here when I travelled to London.  I'll instagram pictures of my new bag tomorrow.

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