Friday, July 26, 2013

Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in 11 Fraise Remix

I do like a bright lip-all year round as well!  In summer I like bright corals, pinks and oranges whilst in winner I'll go for bright reds and plums.

Admittedly I do not have a large collection of drugstore lipsticks but I saw Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie wearing one of these Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks on Instagram I was curious because Gem looked stunning!

This is the only Bourjois product I currently own but I think a Bourjois lipgloss in a very pale baby pink was the first ever lip gloss I bought.

A quick google of swatches and I chose '11 Fraise Remix' and soon it was winging its way to Dubai.

What I like:

The colour is amazing-it's a bright pinky coral and has a slightly glossy finish

It's really long lasting without being drying on the lips-and when it does fade it fades really nicely and evenly

It doesn't bleed-some of my brighter Mac shades bleed bizarrely on only one side of my top lip

What I don't like:

The packaging is ok but is the one thing that makes this lipstick, to me, drugstore.  It has a white sticker on the side of the lipstick and I just think it cheapens it and is unnecessary.  Why not just put the name of the lipstick on the base?  The embossed Bourjois on the side is really nice so why ruin the packaging with a cheap sticker?

You really need to apply this to smooth lips otherwise it catches any dry skin.  I recommend building up very thin layers with a lip brush and blotting each one down before applying the next rather than direct from the bullet as I find the coverage is more even that way.

Overall I am impressed and would buy more...not that I need any more lipsticks of course......

NB-wrote this post at the weekend but when I was getting ready this morning for work I chose my Mac Mineralize Rich lipstick in 'Lady at Play' and this Bourjois lipstick is an EXACT dupe of this colour at half the price....I was amazed-even down to the formula, finish and feel on the lips......


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