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New York, New York....

24th January 2013

Today is the 24th January, but I won't be posting this post until the 20th March which is the day of my amazing, wonderful and precious mum's 60th birthday.

You see I am taking her to New York as a surprise the day after her birthday.  She took me for my 21st birthday and together we have been twice since-the last time we went was just before I moved to Dubai 8 years ago.

Now I am financially able to repay the favour so to speak and so I'm paying for us to go for 5 days-with a little help from my super dad.

The reason I have started this post today is I thought I would keep it as a little diary until I tell her, if I don't I swear I am going to spontaneously combust with excitement.  I have never been good at keeping surprises!!

So my dad and my brother and sister in law know but have been sworn to secrecy.  Mum knows we're going away but not to where.  I had to get my dad to get my mum to renew their passports as they would have less than 6 months validity in March and so they've got new ones now and dad has sneakily bbm'd me a copy of mums so I could get our ESTA's.

So, flights for me from Dubai to UK, tick-I fly home on the 19th March.
Flights to New York-tick.  BA to JFK 21st March returning 26th March.
Hotel, tick.  Booked yesterday.  I really want to treat my mum as she is so special to me-I've booked a sky view room here at the Intercontinental Times Square for us.  I know we probably won't spend a vast amount of time in it but I love a bit of luxury.  I also know NY hotel rooms are tiny but hey...
ESTA's- tick.

At the moment I still need to book the following;

Stretch limo from the airport-she did this for me for my 21st
2 Broadway shows-we both love the theatre.
Tickets for a food walking tour-I am sure my mum would enjoy this-Mike and I did one in Bangkok in December and it was fab.  This is the one I want to book which is around Greenwich Village which is an area we don't know very well.
We've done the Empire State Building every time we have been so I think this time we might go to the new Observatory deck at the top of the Rockefeller Centre 'Top of the Rock'
I've also had a couple of nice restaurant recommendations which I will book closer to the time and I have seen a cool place for breakfast from one of the many food programmes I am subjected to!

So how will I tell my mum??  Well at the moment I am flying home on the 19th and her birthday is the 20th.  My plan when I get home is to shoot to Asda or Tesco and buy a big apple and wrap it up!!  I'm sure she'll get it!!  Erm I hope so anyway!!

And of course purely selfishly there will be all the shopping yey!  Make-up shopping, double yey!  US Sephora, triple yey!!  I'm already making a list of where I want to go and brands I want to check out and I'll update this post as we get closer.

I am so so super excited about this, I love spending time with my mum and hopefully this will be a fab girlie holiday together.

25th January 2013

Went to Bath and Body Works today and they have their new season stock in and I saw this and I couldn't resist....

1st February

Had a weird dream last night that mum and I were on a flight, she didn't know where we were going and it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't told her we were going to New York-I hadn't given here the 'big apple' birthday present and mum was completely in the dark and confused about why we were sat on this plane! 

16th February

I had a little Skype with my dad yesterday whilst mum was at work and he told me she thinks we are going to Vegas!  Oops!  I did think about Vegas to be honest, I have been, mum hasn't but what put me off was it was very 'lay in the sun all day, party at night' in Vegas and I don't think there would be enough to keep up entertained during the day in Vegas.  I hope she won't be disappointed with New York.

I've also just found out that 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' is opening on Broadway on the 3rd March.  I ADORE that film!  I'm going to book as tickets when I get paid on Thursday.  And I need to pick one thinking Rock of Ages?  Or The Lion King?

Have also been in touch with the hotel and given them strict instructions that Mrs Fell is not allowed to pick up any of the bill!!  They've been super nice helping me to arrange a few little extras in the room.

It's getting closer!  I'm getting more excited, I hope mum loves it!

11th March 2013

My trip is getting super close now!  We've had a difficult couple of weeks as a family, my dad hasn't been well and had some tests-but on Thursday we got the wonderful news that he had the all clear from the hospital.  A week today is my birthday and a week tomorrow I will be flying home!

I got some great restaurant reservations from my American colleague at work today.  New York has so many amazing restaurants that choosing where to go had become a nightmare.  This is a really busy week and I have made a list of everything I need to do-I just need to stay on top of it!

19th March

So this is the last time I will update this post before it goes on my blog. Currently I am 35,000ft up on my Emirates flight to Manchester. Mum is picking me up from the airport and then we're off to the Trafford Centre for a little retail therapy. So, everything is now sorted. I have a white stretch limo picking us up from JFK, the hotel have arranged cake and champagne in the room and on Friday morning I have arranged for flowers to be delivered first thing. Friday we have breakfast at Norma's booked, then tickets to The Top Of The Rock, then we have pre theatre dinner and then Breakfast At Tiffanys on Broadway. I also discovered one of my best friends is going to be in New York at the same time so we're going to try and meet for dinner on Saturday. I can't wait to tell my mum, this week when we have been chatting on Skype I have found it so so hard to bite my tongue and not let it slip or say anything about New York. I am terrible at keeping surprises.

When I get back today I need to go to Clinton cards to get some wrapping paper and some banners for home and then I need to go and buy the 'big apple' from the supermarket. I can't wait to tell her! On her actual birthday tomorrow we are going for some pampering at a Spa in the morning and then dinner with my brother and nieces.

I'm off to watch a film, drink some champagne and then have a sleep!!

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    Uh-mazing! I really want to do this for my mums 50th! I really hope I can lovely post sweets have an amazing time x

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  2. What a wonderful thing to do for your mum! Wish you both an awesome trip!

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