Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Make up collection-part 3-Blushers!!

So, you've seen my make up brushes storage/collection and my nail polish collection and now we're onto part 3-which is one of my favourite drawers and it houses my blushers!  I love the way I have this organised.  Ok so not ALL my blushers fit into my drawers (which are from Muji) and there is some overspill but this is the best way for me to see what I have really easily. 

The Blusher drawer

As you can see I have my Muji acrylic organiser at the back so I can pull out each of the 5 drawers easily.  At the front of the drawer I keep the overspill-things that are too tall to fit into the drawers mainly.  But the drawers are full lol!  Am considering buying another set of 5 drawers now Muji has just opened in Dubai.

I am an absolute sucker for a pretty compact-my problem is I need to remember to actually use them and not just stare at them lovingly.  I still haven't used my Mac Archie's Girls face powder yet because I love the hearts!

Ok so here is what's in the overspill....

The overspill

Most of these things are still brand new and haven't been used yet.  I have a couple of Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks stacked at the back.  A Benefit Hoola bronzer and a Smashbox bronzer.  Some Guerlain Meterorites face powders I have picked up in Duty Free-they're all travel sizes apart from the Guerlain Perles Du Dragon in the bottom right.   There are a couple of blushers I picked up in Bangkok, an Estee Lauder/Michael Kors blusher I have been using a lot and my Archie's Girls face powder.

Muji 5 drawer acrylic box

Here are the acrylic drawers removed.  I love the acrylic because you can see where everything is.  But they're a nightmare to keep clean!  Especially with foundation fingers!!

Drawer 1

In the top drawer I have a few random blushes from different brands.  Part of the fun of organising this make-up was figuring out how to fit everything in like a jigsaw!  In here are 2 Laura Mercier blushes, an Art Deco compact, an Estee Lauder blush, a Benefit, a Givenchy, a Tarte amazonian clay blush and 2 blushes I picked up in Bangkok from Bisous and Skin Food.

Drawer 2

Drawer 2 has mainly Illamasqua powder blushes in but also my Daniel Sandler watercolour blushes.  I love that Illamasqua blushes smell like sweeties!  They last forever as well, I have been using Naked Rose for a year and not even hit pan yet.

Drawer 3

Drawer 3 houses my Mac blushes (all powder), Benefit Coralista and 2 Nars blushes (Orgasm and Deep Throat)

Drawer 4

Drawer 4 houses cream blushers.  In here I have 2 Illamsaqua cream blushes, 4 Mac 'casual colour' from last years collection, 2 Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge (so good!!), a mini Stila convertible colour and my 2 new Aerin multipurpose creams.  I like to apply all of these with either my fingers or a Real Techniques Stippling Brush.

Drawer 5

The fifth and last drawer houses more cream products!  3 of the Stila convertible colour (I highly recommend these), 5 of the Nars The Multiple (something else I highly recommend), a mini gel blush from Tarte, 2 Make Up For Ever cream blushes and 2 Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams-I'm not sure about these Aqua Creams-they are very shimmery and need to be used quite sparingly.

This is one of my favourite drawers!  Happy to post swatches of anything you're interested in-just leave me a comment below!



  1. GlitterInfatuation JazzMarch 6, 2013 at 3:32 PM

    Oh my gosh that looks like heaven I love blushers! These look amazing! xx

  2. I love a bit of blusher


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