Friday, February 8, 2013

Make-up collection-Part 1

I've been asked a few times for a make-up collection post as I have quite a lot. Ok, more than 'quite', I have a lot!!  I think it might be a bit overwhelming to do it all in just one post, and I am waiting for some new acrylic drawers from Muji so until they arrive and I'm all sorted I'll do individual posts showing you my make up collection and storage.

Starting with.....


I love make up brushes, I think they are essential tools for applying make-up.  Until recently I was strictly a Mac girl-Mac has a brush for every occasion.  But they are expensive, hence why I am delighted to have recently discovered Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman which I have been using and quite frankly loving.

The corner of my dressing table

My storage comes from Muji, I love the way you can separate out your different brushes into sections to keep it all organised.

Muji storage holder 1
Eyebrow and eyeliner section

Here I keep anything to do with lining my eyes or filling my eyebrows-including Mac angle brushes, a Bobbi Brown fine eyeliner brush and Mac brow brushes.  I also have a Shu Uemura false eyelash applicator-but I am still terrible at applying them!

Face brushes-Real Techniques and Mac

Real Techniques Stippling, Expert Face and Buffing Brush and Mac 130 Duo Fibre

This section holds my face brushes for applying foundation.  My favourite is the Mac duo fibre 130 brush, but it sheds terribly!  I really like the Real Techniques brushes-they clean easily and don't shed.  The best brushes for applying liquid foundation are short, stubby and fairly stiff (just read that back and it sounds so wrong haha!!)



This section is where I keep my eyeliners-mostly pencil but a couple of fluid liners as well.  A mixture here of Mac, Make Up Forever, Rimmel, Urban Decay, Nars, Illamsaqua, Clarins and YSL.

Eyeshadow brushes

Eyeshadow brushes

Again mostly a Mac affair when it comes to eyeshadow brushes-I am in LOVE with the Mac 239 and the Mac 217 brushes.  The 239 is such a multi tasker, it can be used for application, blending and lining.  It's great with powder shadow. If you wanted to just buy one 'good' brush for eye make-up this would be my recommendation.  The 217 is fantastic for blending out harsh lines.  These brushes do not shed at all and wash easily (I use baby shampoo and leave to dry naturally)

Concealer/lip brushes

This final section in this storage container houses lip and concealer brushes-I really like the Real Techniques one for under the eyes with something like Benefit Erase Paste or YSL Touche Eclat.

Muji storage container number 2
Blusher applicators

Blusher/bronzer brushes

These are the brushes I use to apply blusher and bronzer.  I bought the Bobbi Brown bronzer brush quite recently and am quite disappointed with it to be honest as again this one sheds a lot.  The Real Techniques blusher brush is the only brush of theirs I don't like-Its just too big to apply blusher.  The Daniel Sandler one is brilliant with cream blusher.  My go to brushes for powder blusher are the Mac ones-especially the angled one at the back.

Illuminater/Highlighter applicators

These brushes are all great for applying highlighters to the tops of your cheeks and brow bone.  Again, a firm, short haired brush is best for this to allow for the control you need.  My favourite is the Real Techniques Setting brush (the pink one)-its the perfect size and density.

Tubes of stuff!

Tubes of stuff!

The final section of this container contains all the stuff I use more or less daily and comes in a tube!  So my mascara, brow gel, eyelid primer, YSL Touche Eclat etc etc.  Great to have them close to hand whilst I am getting ready in the morning.

Top to bottom
Lancome Hypnose Star mascara-recently starting using this and LOVING it.  Its blackest black, makes lashes thick and lush and long
Anastasia Lash Genius The best waterproof topcoat I have found by far-stops any smudging at the end of the day from mascara.  My top tip is to slightly bend the wand brush to a 20/30 degree angle and it makes it really easy to apply all over your lashes.
YSL Touche Eclat My go to concealer for undereyes
Clarins Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base  THE best eyeshadow primer hands down I have ever tried-and I've tried them all-knocks all the others out of the park
Mac Prep and Prime Eyelash  Not actually tried this yet!
Benefit High Brow and High Brow Glow Great pencils for highlighting the waterline or under the brow bone
Mac Brow Set Setting brow gel I use on my eyebrows
Too Faced Shadow Insurance  Havent used this yet-another eyeshadow primer-it'll take a lot to get me to switch from Clarins though!

So that's my brush storage, next up am thinking of showing you my nail polish storage...



  1. Great post hun! That looks really neat, thinking about getting some Muji drawers for me collection as well. love the RT brushes! x

    1. Hello lovely, thank you! I have the drawers arriving tomorrow, so excited to play make up organisation!! Real Techniques are fab-I can't believe how cheap they are for the quality! xx


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