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February empties!

So January was the slooooooooooooowest month in the history of months and then all of a sudden its the end of February!  How did that happen??

Lots of empties again this month but I'll try and keep it much shorter than last months mammoth empties post!

This months empties

Body beautiful products-Jergens skin firming moisturiser and The Body Shop Sweet Lemon body scrub

Body products

Jergens skin firming moisturiser

I really like this light and fresh moisturiser from Jergens.  I know you can get Jergens in the UK but I think it has different packaging here-if you look closely you can see ours has Arabic writing on.  This is the first time I have used Jergens and it was really cheap, I just picked this up in the supermarket.

This is the skin firming and anti cellulite version and contains Centella Asiatica to improve the texture of skin.  It's a really nice and light texture which absorbs really easily which I think is really important when you want to get dressed quickly after applying it!  Not sure it has amazing firming properties but it's a great every day moisturiser.

Would I repurchase?  Yes

What have I replaced it with?  Currently using L'Occitane Lemon Verbena Body Lotion

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Scrub

Totally the best body scrub ever!!  I love everything about it!  The smell is DIVINE!  It's like freshly squeezed lemons, perfect for a wake-up call on a sleepy morning.  It's not abrasive and doesn't weld itself to the skin like some exfoliaters do so it's easy to wash off.  I did another review of this product here

Would I repurchase?  Yes definitely!!

What have I replaced it with?  The Body Shop Coconut Body Shop which I don't like nearly as much!!

Cleansing products-Simple eye make-up remover, Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil Free Cleanser, Garnier Soothing 2 in 1 make up remover

Cleansing products

If you read my January empties blog post you will know these 2 eye make up removers are my Holy Grail eye make up removers.  I won't do another review but you can read my full review by clicking on the link above.  And these have been replaced by yet another one of each-my supplies are running low!

Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil Free Cleanser

This is great wash off cleanser from Kiehls.  It's slightly creamy in texture and despite being oil free doesn't strip the skin.  It's probably my favourite of all the Kiehls cleansers.  Described by Kiehls as a 'quick lathering cleansing foam, it removes impurities and visibly reduces excess oil on the skins surface'.  Paraben, silicon, fragrance and oil free.  Lasts ages too! Please don't try and use this to take eye make-up off though, you'll end up with very sore eyes!

Would I repurchase?  Yes!

What have I replaced it with?  Am using Shu Uemura balancing cleansing oil at the moment-my skin has really been awful since I tried Liz Earle's cleanser (to be posted about) so I have totally stripped back my skincare routine to just the Shu Uemura cleansing oil and moisturiser.

Facial products-Rapid Brow and Rapid Lash, Clarins Double Serum

These 3 products I have done separate reviews on-you can find the review of RapidBrow and RapidLash here and my review of the Clarins Double Serum here.

I have replaced the RapidBrow with a product called Hi Brow by Lala and the RapidLash has been replaced with Peptalash from Indeed Labs.  I'm not really impressed by either to be honest and would definitely purchase RapidBrow and RapidLash again (actually already have)

I am not using a serum on my skin at the moment whilst I try to settle it down but I do have an open bottle of Kiehls Midnight Recovery for the evening and Estee Lauder Idealist for in the morning.  I also occasionally spritz my face with Caudalie Beauty Elixir after cleaning in the morning.  I would not buy the Clarins Serum again even though most reviews I have read are raving about it!

The make-up-Make Up Forever HD Foundation, Make Up Forever HD Primer in 0, Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation (sample size) and YSL Touche Eclat

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in N117

Getting the right colour foundation is a nightmare for me.  My face has pink undertones and my neck is very pale with yellow undertones and overall I am very pale, go red in the sun then back to white!  I would love love love to be olive skinned!  It's hard to get a foundation with a good match so that I don't look too washed out on my face but don't have a tide mark on my neck.  This however is my 3rd re-purchase of this foundation.  I know MUFE isn't widely available in the UK which is such a shame as they do a huge huge range of foundation shades.

This foundation is very liquid/runny in texture and sheer to medium coverage.  Perfect for day wear and sets quickly without being tacky so you can apply powder straight over the top.  If you get the chance to try this foundation please do!  I like to apply it either with my fingers or a Real Techniques Expert Face or Buffing brush.

Would I repurchase?  Yes

What have I replaced it with?  Currently using Mac Select foundation in NW15 (which is now discontinued which is weird as I only just bought it in Dubai from their store in Dubai Mall)

Make Up For Ever HD Primer in 0

This was my second repurchase of this primer.  It's oil free and this is the clear version (it comes in other colour ways such as green to reduce redness and blue to add radiance)  The 0 is my favourite shade as it's completely transparent.  When I tried the 5 (blue shade) the product dragged in my skin on application and was hard to rub in, the 0 isn't like that at all.  This primer is moisturising and leaves the skin with a glow.  Primers are designed to be used before foundation to improve the appearance of your foundation, plump your skin and make your foundation last longer.  I use a primer every day and highly recommend them.  This one is very light in texture, almost like a serum and will work with any oil free foundation.  Primers are best applied using your finger tips after your moisturiser.  If possible you should allow a primer to settle on the skin before applying your foundation (just a couple of minutes usually) but this one specifically says on the website you can apply foundation on top of it immediately.  This bottle tasted me 4 months with daily usage.

Would I repurchase? Yes!

What have I replaced it with?  Currently using Mac Prep and Prime Natural Radiance primer.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation (sample size)

I got this sample in the Latest in Beauty advent calender and to be honest was quite intrigued.  A new brand to me, I don't think the brand is currently available in Dubai.  To explain the product I have lifted the description from the Cult Beauty website.  The first thing to say is this stuff is EXPENSIVE!  30ml which is only 1fl oz retails at a whopping £47 (it may be cheaper in the US I suspect).  This is an anti aging translucent foundation with a light creamy texture and Cult Beauty say you only need one pump for the whole face so the product will last.  It provides a natural, translucent coverage, lighter than most classic foundations. It evens out skintone, smoothes fine lines & boosts moisture throughout the day, all the while delivering antioxidant benefits, while protecting the skin with a non-chemical, physical SPF30 (Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide). It was created to keep skin looking dewy, with the benefits of a traditional foundation but without the heavy matte finish. 

This product only comes in one shade which I find bizarre,  Squeezing it onto the back of my hand it looks way way way too dark for me.  But bizarrely it just seems to melt like butter into the skin leaving you looking radiant and glowy.  No tide marks on the neck despite it looking like I would have to mahogany varnish my skin for it to colour match.  For me, the best use of this would be as a sort of tinted moisturiser, for weekends when you don't want a full face of make-up for chilling at home or for days when you skin is looking naturally great.  It doesn't give a whole heap of coverage but it does give luminosity.  

Would I re-purchase?  I am really on the fence here but am going to go for no, because of the price and because I don't wear tinted moisturiser enough to justify it.

What have I replaced it with?  This was a sample tester so am back to using a regular Mac foundation as my skin needs extra help at the moment.

YSL Touche Eclat in 01

Ahhh YSL, maker of Holy Grail light diffusing magic concealer pens.  This is my umpteenth repurchase of YSL Touche Eclat which I use under my eyes.  I normally buy the 2 packs at Duty Free and quelle horreur I don't have any more in my stash!  Am travelling to Cairo on Sunday so have made a mental note to re-buy.  Once you have tried this I defy you not to say you can't live without this magic wand for grown up girls!

Would I repurchase?  Yes, oh yes!

What have I replaced it with?  I can't believe I have run out!  I will use my Benefit Erase Paste until Sunday I guess.

The make-up-Daniel Sandler watercolour blush in Passion (sample size) and Nars The Multiple in Malibu

Daniel Sandler watercolour blush in Passion

This is such a beautiful blusher.  It reminds me a little of Nars Orgasm but in a liquid form and it is a peachy, corally pink, perfect for summer.  What's especially nice about these blushers is that they are buildable and so so blendable-it's very hard to go wrong with them.  I actually did another mini review of this shade here when I first got it.

If you haven't used Daniel Sandler make-up before I highly recommend you check out his website and follow him on twitter.  He has some beautiful products out at the moment and is one of the most approachable and engaging people in the beauty world on twitter.  He's very blogger friendly and his website is full of great tips and how to videos.

Would I repurchase?  Yes, I have 3 others from his collection of watercolour blushes.

What have I replaced this with?  I have so many blushers but nothing with the fluidity or ease of application as these.  To me they are really quite unique.

Nars The Multiple in Malibu

Back in the late 90's and early 2000's when I was 19/20 I felt like Nars and Stila and Laura Mercier etc were little known luxury brands that I was spending loads of money on and loving but got hardly any recognition in the UK.  Now they are such well known brands which I am really pleased about.  The Multiple was one of the first Nars products I ever bought and it was in this shade Malibu.  This is my 3rd repurchase of Malibu, these products last such a long time.

'The Multiples' are sticks of creamy colour that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks.  Nars do highlighting shades, bronzing shades and block colour shades such as Malibu in The Multiple range.  They're a very pigmented cream texture so you only need a tiny bit of the block colour shades which is why they last so long.  I find the easiest way to apply the lighter colours is straight onto the skin from the stick.  For the more pigmented colours like Malibu, the best way to apply is to swipe your finger over the top of the stick and apply directly to your skin with your fingers, or to dip a stippling brush into the stick (if using it as a blusher, contourer or bronzer), tap the excess off on the back of your hand and apply with the stippling brush straight onto your skin.  Here is a great post I found by The Beauty Look Book on the different shades and finishes.  Her swatches definitely make me want to buy even more!! My poor bank account can never catch a break!!

Currently I own Orgasm, Tuomota (discontinued), St Barts, G-Spot and Riviera but I suspect when I go to the States that list may grow somewhat!  They aren't cheap at $39 in the US and £30 in the UK (am sure they were £20 when I first bought them) but they do last an utter age!  There are 16 shades to tempt you!  The worst thing about Nars is the packaging.  The matte black packaging just gets filthy when you use it.  I wish they would repackage as its just impossible to keep clean.

Would I repurchase?  Yes, this has been a go to shade for me for years

What have I replaced it with?  Multiple other cream blushers!

Swatches in natural light-Top Nars The Multiple in Malibu blended out and then beneth heavily swatched.  Under that is Daniel Sandler watercolour blush blender out and at the bottom heavily swatched.

And finally.....what is it they say about never work with children or ginger cats.......

I love reading empties posts so please do leave me a comment linking me into yours!


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