Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ginger all the way....

I must admit I love the smell of ginger at Christmas-its warm comforting spiciness is a real treat for the senses.

Here are my top 3 ginger bathing products

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle range, Origins Ginger range and Philosophy The Gingerbread Girl

The Body Shop

This year The Body Shop brought out 3 limited edition Xmas ranges-Vanilla, Cranberry and Ginger.  The Ginger range is so cute, with gingerbread men characters on the packaging.  Whilst I was in Bangkok I picked up this beautiful gift set in a snowflake adorned rose gold tin.

This gift set was NOT available in the UK-I believe the UK version of it looked like this

In my set are 200ml Ginger Sparkle body polish and shower gel, a ginger lip balm and a 200ml Ginger Sparkle body butter.  All the products in the range smell the same and this has the most subtle scent of the 3 I am reviewing.  Its an earthy ginger smell, not overly sweet.  Not as sweet as you would expect it to be-it doesn't smell sugary like gingerbread.  The shower gel and body polish are lovely-my skin felt so soft after using them.  The polish wasn't 'sticky' at all and washed off easily.  But I found the body butter didn't absorb very well into my skin and left it feeling tacky which meant I couldn't jump into bed straight away-and having been awake for 40 hours following an overnight flight from Bangkok this was a little annoying.

I had a look on The Body Shop website yesterday (UK site) and none of the Xmas products were listed!!  There was a small banner saying 'Xmas delivery has now ended' which I fully understand but how Bah Humbug!  There were still 3 days before Xmas and their retail stores would have been packed-not very good for shoppers looking for online gift inspiration before hitting the store!

Origins Incredible Spreadable Invigorating Ginger Body Scrub and Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream

These products are part of the permanent line at Origins and are not limited edition nor were they a gift set.  The body scrub is much more finely milled than the Body Shop one and comes out like a paste but is lovely on the skin.  As you massage it in the granules dissolve to leave your skin super soft.  The whipped body cream is a-mazing.  It is light as a feather and absorbs immediately into your skin-I absoluely love it.  The Origins version has a spicier and sweeter smell than The Body Shop range and is stronger with zesty orange undertones.  The souffle carries a stronger smell than the scrub.  Both products cost £23 each from Origins (200ml).  Definitely a luxury buy but the body cream is worth it!

Philosophy The Gingerbread Girl gift set

To me, this set is the most aesthetically pleasing-its utterly adorable!  When I saw this in my local Sephora I snapped it up, only to discover that this was LAST YEARS Philosophy Holiday promotion-Shame on you Sephora Dubai for selling old stock!

The set contains a combination bath shower and shampoo gel and a body lotion.  This is the sweetest smelling of all 3 products but it doesn't smell like Gingerbread!  The shower gel/shampoo/bubble bath is a beautiful amber colour, produces lots of lather and is packed with glitter which thankfully doesn't stick to your skin.  This is a citrus-y, almost fizzy ginger ale smell-not unpleasant at all and possibly the most 'Christmass-y' of the 3.  The body lotion is light and non greasy and has an almost chocolate-y scent. 

Have you got any of these products?  What do you think?


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  1. I just received The Body Shop's gingerbread bath crystals as a gift but haven't tried yet! It smells so yummy though. Can't wait to try.

    -Brittany of @suburbchicblog


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