Sunday, December 30, 2012

Estee Lauder Holiday Editions 2012-Hit or Miss?

I bought these two Estee Lauder Holiday editions with high expectations.  Although Christmas has now gone, these products are still available and most of the products are part of the permanent line if you wanted to buy things individually.

Estee Lauder/Michael Kors Limited Edition Holiday 2012 and Estee Lauder Art of Lips Chic Pinks

Estee Lauder/Michael Kors Limited Edition Gift Set

This Michael Kors collaboration came in 3 colour-ways-red, pewter and black but the colour relates to the Michael Kors make up bag included with the set only.  It was quite difficult to choose which of the 3 sets to get as they all contain different shades and none of the websites stocking these sets had good descriptions so I had to go on pictures alone.  I chose the pewter set and when it arrived I have to say my first impression was that I was not disappointed.

Aside from the Michael Kors make up bag which is lovely, the set contains a full size lipstick from the Pure Colour range in Rubellite, a mini Sumptuous mascara in black, a mini Pure Colour Intense Kajal eyeliner in Blackened Black, a mini sparkly lipgloss from the Pure Colour range in Raspberry Pop, a travel size blusher blush and a beautiful full size gold compact containing 3 blushers.  The compact is huge-much large than an average blusher.  The set also contains a nail varnish but unfortunately when I ordered it I forgot that you cannot send nail varnish through Aramex Shop and Ship to Dubai and they removed it from the package.

Pure Colour Shimmer range-88 Rubellite
Pure Colour Gloss in Raspberry Pop (sparkle)

The only product in this set I won't use is the Sumptuous Extreme mascara because I'd had it before and hated it!  The brush is massive and so difficult to use.  The only other negative is that although I like the lipstick colour the formulation is very very soft and when I went to apply the colour from the bullet the bullet bent!  So I had to apply it with a lip brush.

Overall this set is a HIT for me!

Estee Lauder Art of Lips-Chic Pinks

I purchased this set in Bangkok, Dubai never received any of the Christmas edition products Estee Lauder produced!

This set contains a make-up bag, a full size Pure Colour Lasting Shimmer lipstick in Candy, a dual ended lip gloss containing Shocking Pink and Raspberry Pop (raspberry pop is included in the Michael Kors set also) and a lip liner in Fuchsia.  All of these products are in the Estee Lauder permanent line.

The make-up bag is very cheap and tacky.  That has gone in the bin immediately.  I love the look of the Pure Colour lipstick-I always have loved the gold packaging with the colour at the bottom but I don't like this shade at all.  It reminds me of the shade my nan wore in the 90's, is very frosted and feels very thick on the lips.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Candy

The glosses fair better, I really like both shades.  The 'shocking pink' isn't shocking at all though-its very sheer but the formula is very glossy, almost glassy and looks great on.  There is no stickiness in the glosses either.

Pure Colour Gloss in Raspberry Pop

Pure Colour gloss in Shocking Pink

I never wear lip liner and I don't think the lip liner included will encourage me to start! 

Overall this set is a MISS for me and a regret impulse purchase.  I don't own many Estee Lauder products and I'm a little on the fence as to whether I would explore more of the range.  I have however just bought a Double Wear foundation which people seem to love so keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. I think I am with you too Stace! I am a fan of Estee Lauder skin care range, but the make up... I won't be rushing to their counter any time soon.. xx

    1. Anything you'd recommend doll? I use Idealist serum but that's all from Estee Lauder x

  2. I had no idea that there was a colaboration with Michael Kors, I really really want it. Everything looks so sleek and pretty. Great post.


  3. The Rubelite lipstick looks pretty good! True about the mascara, the brush is big and seems more so in the small size due to the lenght of the wand. I guess I got used to it since I love this mascara. :)


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