Saturday, December 22, 2012

30 second post-Nail art-Bangkok style!

One of the things I really wanted to do in Bangkok was go to have some nail art.  It's super cheap to have it done in Bangkok and the designs are amazing.

Well it took Anna and I 3 attempts to get it done-the first time we went was Saturday and the little salon in MBK mall was packed and they were queuing 3 deep.  There was a nail salon opposite and I asked Anna about going there and she said the one we were waiting at was packed for a reason-they were the best!  We couldn't wait so we decided to come back on Monday morning.  We turned up when the mall opened at 10am-and they were closed!!!

Third time lucky we managed to go on Friday afternoon.  It's a no frills service-there is no nail shaping or massage or cuticle removal-its a nail art service only.  I couldn't believe how fast the girls worked.  Both Anna and I were done in 40 minutes and they were so accurate.  Best of it, it only cost the equivalent of GBP5-6.

These are our finished nails!

My nails-Christmassy red and gold

Anna's nails-Under the Sea

Under the Sea nails!

Pussy cats on Anna from a couple of weeks ago



  1. Those are stunning!!! My daughter would run to get the pussy cats! I'm not much into nail art but your Christmas look is truly beautiful & not overdone. I would totaly go for that! :D

  2. How do people do these designs on such small spaces!! LUSH! XX

  3. OMG where is this place?? I'm heading to Bangkok in March and will have to put this on my list!


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