Sunday, October 2, 2016

Disappointing Products #8

disappointing make up products

I've been stashing away some products that I've found really disappointing and thought I would share my thoughts with you today.

1-Guerlain Cils D'Enfer (Maxilash) Waterproof

I was 100% expecting to love this mascara from Guerlain.  I had read rave reviews all over the bloggersphere and I personally loved the Le 2 mascara from Guerlain so I was actually shocked at how much I disliked this mascara and my dislike was for one reason only.  I was constantly removing black spots from my cheeks.  The formula hadn't dried out and it applied so nicely, giving me voluminous and long lashes but I just couldn't keep it from flaking all over my cheeks every day.

2-Dior Forever and Ever Control Loose Powder

I did a mini review of this powder back in May and I was a bit undecided about it then-initially hating it and then making it work but now I am back to hating it.  But it really does make my skin look so dry and cakey and almost floury when I use it.

3-Dolce and Gabbana Mono Perfect in Desert and Gold Dust

I reviewed these single mousse-y shadows last year and initially they were brilliant-but they completely dried out, becoming cracked and hard and unusable.  I've been stashing these for absolutely ages to put into a disappointing products post so it's not just that they're now 18 months old-these became terrible after literally a few weeks.  The design of the pot is also unfriendly-I am not a big fan of dipping my finger in pots of eyeshadow anyway but the design of this shadow pot needs to be flatter and more user friendly.

4-Becca Under Eye Corrector

A recent purchase, spurred on by the launch of Becca in Dubai (finally) but I just can't get this to work for me-it settles in all my lines and I find the texture very sticky.  It definitely works better when I warm it up with my fingers but I find even when I use a tiny amount it creases on me.  I'm sure it will work better on people with less lined under eyes but it emphasises dryness I didn't even know I had on me.

5-L'Oreal Infallible 24 hr Lip Colour

This is one of the worst lip products I have ever tried.  It's a liquid lipstick with a conditioning balm to apply over the top.  The liquid part applies really nicely, it has a long doe foot applicator which makes it easy to apply-and initially the colour is even, pigmented and glossy.  But it feels horrible on the lips, even with the conditioning balm over the top.  The lipstick itself is so sticky and really pulls at the lips, sucking out the moisture.  The conditioning balm removes the colour from the lips, leaving just my liner behind.  As it dries down, the colour actually starts to flake off the lips and it highlights every single line on my lips.  It fades so unevenly and unattractively.  I am not a fan.

6-Bite Honey Lip Lacquer in Cienna

It's a little unfair to include this as Bite have discontinued this formula but it's a really horrible product.  The formula is thick and sticky but I could forgive that if the pigmentation was good and the lacquer was long lasting.  But the pigmentation is so poor, you really need to work to get any colour at all-and this is a lacquer not a gloss so it isn't supposed to be a sheer wash of colour.  Marc Jacobs do a brilliant lip lacquer if you prefer that heavier gloss texture.  Having said that, this is the first 'bad' Bite product I have tried and I am usually a big fan of their products.

Have you tried any of these products?


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