Sunday, September 25, 2016

The review: Niod Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know Niod is one of my favourite brands-not only their products but their whole ethos as a company really appeals to me.

Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester is a really unusual product-I don't think that I have tried anything quite like it in texture.  I was expecting this to either be a cleansing oil or a micellair water-yes I didn't really do my research before I bought it from Look Fantastic but I felt like I'd read good reviews about it.  It retails for £30, you get a massive 240ml and it lasts for ages.

The instructions are to massage onto a dry face and rinse off-so I expected a cleansing oil texture but when I used it, I felt like this didn't rinse clean and left a residue on my skin-but at the same time my skin felt softer than after I had used any other cleanser before.

It's a really really effective skin cleaner and it dissolves every scrap of make up, oil, dirt and grime on your face.  When you apply it to dry skin, it feels like a normal cleansing oil.  When you add water it feels more like a gel, the texture slightly thickens and softens.  But I did find it really difficult to remove, even with a damp flannel.  But then I discovered that actually, that 'residue' is fine to be left on the skin and it evaporates from the skin in time.  It's an unusual feeling for me but the residue left behind absolutely did not break me out and when I swiped my face with toner after cleaning there was zero make up residue left behind.  This would be the absolutely perfect make up remover for dry, sensitive skins because skin is left so comfortable afterwards.

Another huge plus for those with dry, sensitive skins is that this is fragrance free and contains no plant oils, detergents, alcohol, acids or water and uses isolated sugar and avocado esters to give that effective cleaning of the skin.  There is a full breakdown of the product and how it works here.

I love the almost clinical looking packaging and the fact that so little went such a long way.  If you're looking for a make up remover rather than a 'cleanser' with skin benefits, you'll struggle to find anything more efficient than this cleanser.  My love for Niod products continues....

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