Friday, April 22, 2016

The Undecideds #3

My previous 'undecideds' posts have been well received so I thought I would share four more products I sit firmly on the fence about at the moment.

Vichy Idealia Yeux

I bought this on a whim over the Xmas holidays having read positive things about it on other blogs but I find this such a faff to use with no 'wow' results.  The eye cream has a plastic paddle dispenser and I find it so hard to squeeze the product out, to the point where I actually can't be bothered.  The cream itself is lightweight and absorbs quickly-it's pleasant but I am far from bowled over.

Laura Mercier Faux Lashes mascara

You may have spotted this on my recent empties post but this mascara was great on the lashes but terrible in every other way.  The brush is chunky and scratchy-a scratchy brush is one of my pet hates!  The mascara contains tiny fibres and every time I applied it they went into my eyes which really irritated them.  The actual look on the lashes was really good-but the mascara flaked badly on me and I felt like I constantly had to check for black spots on my cheeks!  The mascara really builds the lashes and adds tons of volume.  When I first photographed this a few weeks ago I was undecided-now I am a definite no.

Make Up Forever HD foundation stick

I know this is controversial but I am just not loving this foundation as much as other people are.  I've been striping it on my skin and then pressing in with a damp beauty blender and I do like the way it applies and the finish, but I feel like it doesn't last long on my skin.  I have tried different primers and also buffing in with a brush but I just feel like after a few hours the product has sunk into my skin and disappeared.  I also find it clings to dry patches and highlights pores round my cheek, whichever primer I try.

What I do like about this foundation is that it's great for using on the neck-I have a strong red undertone on my face but a very pale neck so I tend to swipe this down my neck and then smooth in with my hands and it works a treat.

I will persevere with this foundation-if you have any application tips let me know!

I had to buy a shade lighter with this formula than my normal MUFE HD shade.  I went down from 117 to 115.

Batiste Texturizing Spray

I was excited to see this when I was back in the UK at Xmas as I am a die hard Batiste dry shampoo fan and stock pile it when I go to the UK.  But I don't really feel this spray does anything from my hair.  It doesn't really add texture or grit to my hair and I feel like my hair goes flat(ter) quite quickly.  My HG texturizing sprays are the Charles Worthington and the Label M ones-next time I am in the UK I will definitely be stocking up!

Have you tried any of these products?  Is there anything you're undecided on at the moment?

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