Friday, April 29, 2016

Esqido 'Unforgettable' mink lashes review

Here's the thing.  I love false lashes.  I love the look, I love the definition and I love the focus it brings to your eyes.  What I don't love is putting them on, in fact I would rate myself as a poor at applying them.  I've tried every technique and tool out there and I guess it's just a case of practice makes perfect.

Esqido contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying their 'Unforgettable' mink lashes and having seen the brand on Tasha's blog, I knew that if Tasha was raving about them, then this was a bandwagon I wanted to jump on too.

Esqido very kindly sent me not only the Unforgettable mink lashes but also their Companion lash glue to try as well.  I love the way these are packaged up but aesthetics aside, the products are both amazing too.

A quick shout out for the lash glue.  I always buy a separate lash glue and never use the ones that are included with lashes.  The Huda Beauty black one is good but I find it sets like cement and my lashes take a bit of a beating when I try to remove my falsies.

The Esqido one is basically what all lash glues should aim to be.  Packaged in a glass tube and with a wand applicator, it just makes application of the glue to the lashes so precise, non messy and seamless.  The glue is white and dries clear and it literally holds the lashes on all day and then removes easily when I want it to.

The Unforgettable lashes are subtly glamorous-the lashes vary in gradient and thickness along the band for a fluttery, winged out effect.  I trimmed mine down very slightly from the outer corner and once on, they feel weightless.  I've worn mine twice now but if you care for them properly, these handcrafted mink lashes can be used up to 25 times and are designed to be much softer and much more durable than synthetic lashes.

The Esqido website has some great features I really like-you can see the lashes on other people as they include photos from social media and there is also a 'before and after' slider you can view to see how the lashes look when applied.  There's also a whole section on caring for your lashes. Although they're based out of the US they ship internationally-in some cases for free, otherwise it's a $5 flat rate.

Unforgettable is a great all rounder-it's subtle enough for daytime because the lashes look so seamless against my natural lashes but it also adds enough definition and elongation to the lashes to make it sexier for a more smoky, evening look.  False lashes make me feel more put together, more glamorous and if it didn't take me about 20 minutes to put them on I would wear them daily.

Are you false lashes fan?

*this post contains a product gifted to me for review.  As always, my thoughts and opinions are purely my own.

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