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Winter scarf inspiration

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 

It'll be the new year before I get back to my normal blogging schedule but I thought I would write a post on the winter scarves I have brought with me to the UK and my thoughts on whether they are worth the money as they are all relatively high end.  For someone who lives in Dubai where the temperature rarely falls below 20 degrees I own a lot of winter scarves (even more than these here)-they are absolutely all time favourite winter accessory.  I don't consider myself to have a particular style or be 'fashionable' at all but a scarf is easy to wear and adds a finishing touch to an outfit.  I also travel a lot and get notoriously cold on planes so I always have one in my carry on bag.

So if you're looking to splurge on a new winter scarf here are my thoughts and hopefully some inspiration.

Saint Laurent Lipstick Print Wool scarf-£420-link!

First up and my newest purchase is this Saint Laurent lipstick print wool scarf.  It's lightweight so it's not the warmest scarf but it's big enough to get wrapped up in and perfect for warmer months when you want something lighter.

This scarf is a large square measuring 54.6 x 54.6 inches and is made of 100% wool.  It's semi sheer and of course I bought it because it has the lipstick print all over it.

As this scarf is so large I usually fold it in half into a triangle shape, put the middle of the triangle point across my chest and then wrap the ends of the scarf round my neck and then drape them down my chest (terrible description but see above!)  Let's call it bandit style!

It's undeniably expensive-I bought mine from Selfridges but it is now out of stock there but the link above takes you to the YSL UK site.  Definitely one for a hardcore lipstick fan!

Louis Vuitton Monogram Shawl-£335-link!

My most worn scarves, the Louis Vuitton monogram shawl comes in 18 different colours.  The shades you see above are Beige (M71336) and Pomme D'Amour (M72237).  I also own them in Black, Night Blue, Natural (which is a pale pink) and a limited edition tan ombre colour.

This scarf is a 55.9 x 55.9 square making it slightly larger than the Saint Laurent and I wear them in the same 'bandit' style.

The scarf is made from a mixture of 40% wool and 60% silk and has the LV monogram print all over it with a frayed edge.  This scarf is much thicker, softer and warmer than the Saint Laurent and is the one I take on flights with me all the time.  They can be quite delicate, I have caught them a couple of times on say a jagged fingernail but they do wear well.  These are probably my favourite of all the scarves I do own.

Louis Vuitton Monogram So Glitter Stole-£420-Link!

The Louis Vuitton Monogram So Glitter stole is definitely what I would call a dress scarf rather than a winter scarf.  It's longer and thinner than the two above 71.7 x 23.6 inches and is made of 77% silk and 23% polyester.

Its a double layer cream scarf, the top layer is slightly crinkled and has a golden LV monogram pattern embossed onto it.

I usually just wear this draped round my shoulders in the evening as a dressy scarf-it actually doesn't feel very nice wrapped around the neck and has a slightly scratchy feel to it.

Burberry Classic Cashmere Scarf in Camel Check-£335-Link!

The Burberry Classic Cashmere scarf reminds me of scarves when I was growing up and also Rupert the Bear!  It comes in a whopping 71 colours and I have the classic camel check.

This scarf is the shortest at 66.1 x 11.8 inches and is 100% cashmere with fringing at both ends.  I also have mine monogrammed with my initials on, in the small 15mm size.  Monogramming usually costs an additional £50 but I got mine when there was a complimentary monogramming offer on.

I do like this scarf but I just feel it's not big enough.  Yes I am plus size but I do feel that the Burberry Lightweight Check Wool and Silk scarf at £275 is a much better buy and I really do love mine, more so than this one.

Louis Vuitton LogoMania scarf in Pearl Grey-£235-Link!

The Louis Vuitton Logomania scarf is my biggest regret purchase.  It's the only scarf I have brought on this holiday that I haven't worn.  It comes in 9 colours and I own pearl grey.  It measures 68.5 x 11.8 inches and is 94% wool and 6% silk.

The reason I regret buying it again is that I feel like again it's just not long enough and also I just don't feel it's particularly soft even though it is warm.  This scarf also catches really easily on things and I have a few pulls in it.

Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Leopard Stole-£510-Link!

Actually, this is my most favourite and most worn scarf-I absolutely love it!  This is the Stephen Sprouse leopard stole-it's huge, it's lightweight and it's warm-and it's leopard print!

This is 70% cashmere and 30% silk, has a frayed edge and the Stephen Sprouse graffiti 'Louis Vuitton' on one corner in purple.  It's huge at 76.8 x 53.1 inches and I literally throw it on with everything.  Yes it is expensive but this is by far, for me, the best value in terms of cost per wear. 

I also have another one in a limited edition coral and cream shade from mid last year but I can't find it online for sale anymore but they really are great scarves!

Here's a quick round up if you are looking for a certain type of scarf:

Softest-Louis Vuitton Monogram Shawl/Burberry Cashmere scarf

Biggest-The LV Monogram shawl/LV Leopard Stole-I have realised these are my thing.

Most fragile-LV Monogram So Glitter stole/LogoMania

Hardest wearing-Saint Laurent lipstick print/LV Monogram shawl

Most versatile-The LV Monogram shawl/LV Leopard Stole

Lightest-Saint Laurent lipstick print/LV Monogram So Glitter

Warmest-The LV Monogram shawl/LV Leopard Stole/Burberry

Wishing you all a very very safe, healthy, prosperous and happy 2016-see you then!

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