Friday, March 6, 2015

Currently Loving

I had no trouble pulling together a 'currently loving' post this month as I am using these products all the time at the moment!  It's serious love.

First up is a new youtube discovery/favourite.  I've started watching Sharon Farrell's youtube videos obsessively!  Last time I was in Cairo a couple of weeks ago, everytime I had some downtime I was watching her tutorials.  She is really easy to watch, is super personable and her make up looks are incredible-especially her eye looks.  I hope she comes back to Dubai as I know she was here earlier this year and met up with Simone

I definitely recommend subscribing to both Sharon and Simones youtube channels!

On to make up faves and my first is a new launch in the MAC Prep and Prime family and it's their 24hr Extend Eye Base.  This is a really thick, very silicone-y eye primer and you need a tiny bit to cover both eyelids pre shadow application.  It dries instantly and isn't sticky at all and is fantastic for making eyeshadow last the distance.  I always use an eyeshadow primer and this is my favourite to date.

I don't often feature a haircare product but my hairdresser recommended the Kerastase Ciment Theramique after I was moaning how knotty and tangled my hair gets.  I would never have thought of putting a cream on my hair because I would think it would be too heavy for my fine locks but this styling cream makes such a difference to my hair.  I use a small amount-not much bigger than the size of a 20p piece and rake it through wet hair and then blow dry as usual.  My hair feels smoother, gets less tangled and feels stronger.  Marketed as a 'blowdry primer' it also protects from heat damage.  It's expensive but I need so little that the tube will probably last me at least 6 months if not longer.  It's the only product I am using religiously at the moment.

My skin has been playing up terribly, since I had surgery last year my skin is all over the place which makes me so miserable about it.  I am suffering terribly from hormonal breakouts around my jawline.  The Origins Out Of Trouble mask has definitely helped-every time I use it my skin looks calmer the next day and it seems to ward off some lurking breakouts.  I've been using it once a week but I might up it to twice a week.  This is an old school clay mask but it does remove easily with water and a flannel.

Lipstick wise I am loving MAC Mineralize Lipstick in Grande Dame-no one seems to talk about this lipstick range but they're so lovely and hydrating and have great pigmentation.  This is a mid toned rosy pink with a very slight frost finish.  You may be able to detect microshimmer on the swatch above but it doesn't translate to the lips.  They're very opaque, creamy and hydrating.  I absolutely love this range and highly recommend checking it out.  You can see it in action on my lips in this Lip Six.

Finally a non beauty fave-I decided to pick up one of the 5 year diaries I have seen floating around and I am really loving filling it in every day.  The questions are wide ranging and diverse and some are definitely harder than others but I can't wait to see how my responses change over the next few years.  Oh gawd I am 35 this month so I will be almost 40 when this finishes!

Music wise, last night my friend Sylvia and I went to see Ed Sheeran play live in Dubai!  I can only describe the concert as epic!  It was absolutely amazing. I am also loving Rhianna and Kanye's new song and Ellie Gouldings new song from the 50 Shades soundtrack.  Also can't stop listening to Ella Hendersons Chapter One album!

What have you been loving this month?


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