Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guest Post | The Lip errr...Five?

I'm lying, it's more of a lip four.
Good start Hol, good start...
Ey up ladies, sneaky gents, boys, girls, budgies - and the cheeky Dubai cockerel that Stacey loves so much ;) this is a bit different ain't it?

We're all centre aligned and shizzle?
We're using words such as 'shizzle'?!?!
...well, that's just how I roll ;)

I'm Holly, and I like to have a good old rant on a little blog called Holly Mixtures, where I attempt to review beauty and fashion items without becoming distracted and rambling about nowt, spectacularly failing each time.
Amazingly, for one night only, our Stacey doll has allowed me to let loose on her lovely blog, while she sleeps soundly, (and hopefully with no cockadoodle-do-ing) and recovers from her recent surgery.

She may regret this...

(Tempted to embed Dappy's 'No Regrets' video here, to subliminally convince our Stace that this post is in fact a good idea, however I fear that such content may actually instill further regret, and this post won't last the hour...)
So yeah.
Today, I bring to you my very own version of Stacey's world famous 'Lip Six' post.
I say world famous, because from Dubai to Yorkshire and beyond, ladies everywhere are catching sight of her sexual lips, and threatening to ditch their significant others in favour of snogging her face off in the desperate hope that their lips may become just as kissable, and, that her lipstick is transferable, meaning they too can wear some of her gorgeous stash.
My 'Lip Five' comes to you in the equally desperate hope that my somewhat shakier application skills may still have a similar effect, and therefore could possibly attract one of you sneaky gents out there, (Arab Sheikhs welcome) for a quick smooch and/or marriage, with a three bedroom house and a picket fence/Arabian palace and pet tiger.
 Whatev's, I'm totally cool.

 Now given that my lip-wear collection extends to little more than six in its entirety, and with it still being August, I flat out refuse to complete my six with darker berry colours, no matter how much I love them...
Soz guys, five - or in fact four, (oh the shame) will just have to do!

Top Row: MAC 'Lady Danger'/Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 'Rendezvous'
-The best lipstick ever/The only lip colour I would dare to wear to work.

Middle Row: Sleek 'Mystic'/MAC 'Impassioned.
-It matches some new shorts I've got and therefore must be worn/My first ever proper pink!

Bottom Row: Umm...Naff all/Vaseline :|
-Because I'm a lipstick failure yet to find a nude lip colour that doesn't make me look like a zombie.
Now, as JME one said, 'let's get serious'.
Not only is our Stacey doll a fantastic blogger, and an inspiration through the art of perfectly formed lipstick application, but she's an even bigger inspiration in the form of her new status as a 'KACKMy*' - or 'Kick-Ass Cancer Killing Machine yo', and her amazing positivity right now is shining through to us all.
*aaaand worst anagram of the year award goes to...
We can only hope for the bestest outcome, and that she'll be right as rein quicker than Huddersfield Town can sack managers.
I can't imagine the strength it must have taken for her to share her news with us, but I'm so glad she has, and that she's kept us updated along the way where possible...
I'm 23 and it's around a year until I'll get that little letter informing me it's time for my first smear; six weeks ago the mere thought would have filled me with dread, but now I'm almost eager.
Get those smears done and let's try and prevent any more of us needing to use that god awful anagram of mine.

Sneaky gents I'd love to include you in this campaign but that would be relatively hard and slightly odd, so ermm...just like, check your bits and that. Cool?

Lots of love Stace, and kisses from my newly snoggable lips.
Thank you for having me.

 It's 6.30am and Huddersfield's equivalent of the cheeky Dubai cockerel is making itself known to my ears.
I'm now tempted to do some my own ass-kicking and kick it's stupidly loud butt onto the frickin' moon, you will be so proud Stace.
I'll pick up your cockerel on't way.
And Dappy for good measure.
No Regrets.

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