Saturday, August 16, 2014

Guest Post | Dior Lip Glow Reviver Balms

Hi everyone!
I'm Anne from lifestyle-oasis. Stacey and I have met at a bloggers event recently here in Dubai. I'm really happy to guest post on her blog although I wish it was under different circumstances...
Today I wanted to talk about my favorite subject... lip balms!
These Dior Lip Glow Reviver Balms have been a staple in my makeup bag for quite some time. If you are not familiar with these they are basically tinted balms that react with your lips PH and turn them into your perfect shade of pink and coral.

I have two shades, the original pink version and a coral that's been released during Spring. I love them both but I have to say that the coral is by far my favorite. The pink one is nice but it turns quite bright on me. My friend wears it too but on her it turns into a lovely light and fresh pink. It really does look different on everyone, how cool is that? :-)

In terms of texture I would say that it's very close to Petroleum Jelly but in a good way. It's moisturizing without being too thick and has a very decent lasting power. Once the glossy effect is gone you are left with a beautiful stain. The color is definitely buildable... the more layers, the more vibrant it will look!
The scent is very nice, a beautiful mix of vanilla and mint without any nasty tingly effect!
I know these are pricey for lip balms but they are a staple in my handbag... They are perfect to slap on during the day and keep your lips nice and juicy looking!
Have you tried these? How do they look on you?
Sending a big warm hug to you Stacey... I'm sure you will kick his ass in no time! We are all behind you!
Mwah! xx


  1. Ah, these two shades are stunning! I need to get my hands on them ASAP, and the packaging is super cute! xx

  2. Can't beat Dior for packaging xx

  3. Thank you Julie, much love xxxx

  4. I think we have missed out!! xx

  5. They look lovely don't they-they suit Anne perfectly! xx

  6. I think I have missed out here too Sunny!! xx

  7. I really have been dying to try these! My lips are quite pale naturally, so I'm up for anything that gives them a bit of a rosy glow. And the packaging is lovely :)


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