Sunday, July 27, 2014

Heathrow haul

Let's forget about the big 'C' word for the moment and go back to what I do best-shopping!!  I am going to be honest, if I were to do haul posts to cover everything I bought on my recent trip to London it would be ridiculous-but it's fair to say I had the best time ever and there is plenty of material for my blog!

This is my Duty Free haul-the bits I treated myself to on the way home to Dubai.

First up, two lipsticks-Tom Ford Casablanca which had never interested me before until I saw some gorgeous swatches of it online recently and Dior Rouge Dior 663 Guipure.  Tom Ford and Dior Rouge Dior are possibly my favourite lipstick formulas in the world.

The Origins Ginzing moisturiser is a repurchase-I recently finished my pot and I loved it so much.  It's the perfect light, cooling, hydrating pot of goodness that doesn't clog pores and is great for hot and humid environments.

I have a little love affair with Jurlique at the moment after trying a couple of their products and I picked up this calming mist as a hydrating toner.  I don't suffer too much from redness but my skin can be a little sensitive at times and I also think this would be a great pick me up whilst travelling-and also whilst I am in the hospital this week.

I wanted to pick up the Clarins Exfoliating Toner which I love, but it was out of stock so I thought I might try this Clarins Daily Energizer Wake Up Booster hydrating toner.  Clarins do amazing skincare and I don't think I have tried anything from them I haven't liked.

I've been on the cleansing balm bandwagon for over a year now but I wanted to try something lighter for summer-in the form of an oil-as long as it doesn't have mineral oil in it (which isn't as easy as it sounds).  I picked up two to try as my first evening cleanse, the one where I remove all my make up.

The first is from Origins and I am sure I have used this before and that it smells great.  The second was the Decleor Micellar Oil.  I also picked up and Origins lip balm-although I seem to have about 20 lip balms at the moment!

I had a bit of a splurge at SKII picking up their moisturising undereye mask-they're quite expensive but actually one of the cheapest on the market of high end eye masks given that you get 14 in the pack.  I also picked up their raved about Facial Treatment Essence which seems to me to be a hydrating toner although the sales assistant said it wasn't!  But the way she described it to me (balances skins PH, prepares skin for the next layer of skincare) made me think it is!

In the MAC concession I picked up yet another 217 and 239 brush-I swear I collect these but they're my absolute favourites for applying eyeshadow.  The 239 is the perfect brush for packing eyeshadow on the lid and the 239 is perfect for blending.  I shun all my other brushes for these babies daily.  I also got the limited edition duo fibre 132 brush which I haven't worked out what I will use it for yet-I am thinking under eye concealer, although MAC say its a foundation brush.  I also picked up a replacement 'Phloof' eyeshadow which is the perfect brightening pinky neutral shade that I recently finished up and a Prep and Prime Highlighter in Light Boost.  I have read such good things about this under eye highlighter that I can't wait to use it!

Lastly I picked up another Jo Malone candle which is in the first picture but I forgot to photograph again!  I have got a little addition to Jo Malone candles at the moment, they burn so cleanly and smell amazing.  I am currently burning Sweet Almond and Macaroon at home which is candle perfection and I love it so much!  I want to immediately repurchase it!  At the airport I picked up English Pear and Freesia, lovely for summer.  Wild Jasmine and Mint and Orange Blossom are definitely next on my wish list


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