Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base

I thought I would do a little write up of the primer I have been reaching for most days for the past couple of months which as you can see from above is the Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base.

I started to write the review and as I was doing so I found it easier to say what this little potion 'isn't' rather than what it 'is'.

This is not polyfiller for this skin-if you like that Benefit 'Porefessional' or Smashbox 'Photofinish' effect then this is far lighter than those formulas.  It does contain silicone but it doesn't feel like it does at all.

It's not mattifying, it won't particularly diffuse redness in the skin, it's not shimmery/pearlised at all and it's not particularly hydrating or plumping.

It comes in the worst packaging ever in terms of dispensing the product-NO PUMP FFS!!  Why???  So much wastage.

It sometimes smells a little bit like glue.

I'm probably not selling it to you am I?

Although not labelled as 'primer' as such, this little jar of white liquid does make an excellent base for make up.  It's subtly brightening without adding any colour-when you smooth it on the skin it just seems to blur imperfections and give your skin a soft focus look.  Photoshop for the skin so to speak.

Although it's white it doesn't leave a nasty white cast on the skin (Hourglass Mineral Veil I am looking at you) unless you use too much-you literally need a fingerprint size blob on each cheek and the same on your forehead.  The formula literally melts into your skin without feeling heavy or tacky leaving you 'foundation ready' in seconds.  And when you do apply your foundation on top it sits better and lasts longer.

I like it.  Despite it being more 'it isn't' than 'it is'.


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